Please $3 only. If you need more please do not taxting me © CrackerClips In this book photo, American and Texas accompaniment flags fly on the arch of the Texas Accompaniment Capitol architecture in Austin.  CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — A Texas ambassador in appointment for 37 canicule accommodated Wednesday via Facebook afterwards social-media posts and alternative outbursts that bidding ire at adolescent board members, burghal staffers and the media.  Dan McQueen, 57, a Navy adept but political newcomer who won 55%-45% over bounden Ambassador Nelda Martinez in the November election, didn't acclimate his aboriginal crisis in appointment well: a aperture from a actinic bulb catchbasin that attenuated the Gulf Coast city's baptize accumulation two canicule afterwards he was affidavit in Dec. 13. In board meetings, he was abundant handed with board associates and aweless of their efforts to accommodated their obligation to accumulate capacity informed.  And his frustrations congenital as bounded media approved to investigate his background, abundantly alien because his achievement over Martinez, who had been in appointment aback 2012 and had defeated him for a two-year appellation in 2014, was a surprise.  Right afore Christmas, McQueen began abnegation to acknowledgment questions from the media in this burghal of about 325,000 residents, instead announcement broadsides such as the afterward on Facebook:  "POLITICS — Do I Sell NEWS for Bad Media or Do I FIX the Burghal issues? ... It will STOP aback MONEY STOPS advantageous for the BAD, DESTRUCTIVE media. ... I will not assignment for the  PRESS " On McQueen’s attack website, he wrote that he becoming a bachelor’s amount in engineering but did not accompaniment the academy area he becoming the degree.  The Caller-Times accepted that he becoming a bachelor’s amount in able aerodynamics from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, a master’s amount in computer advice systems at Boston University and formed at Sikorsky in Corpus Christi as a chief electrical architect from  October 2007 to July 8 aback he quit. The folio on McQueen's attack website that included the account about his earning an engineering amount now has been taken down.  "In the accomplished 35 Days, I accept been attacked by board as actuality sexist, racist and abide to action attacks from Media and the public," he wrote Monday morning on Facebook afore his folio was deactivated at about 4 p.m. CT. "I aloof don't see the VALUE in this action for 600 more. I had so abundant HOPE for our city."  He reactivated his folio Tuesday and warned of trolls watching. Both his Facebook and Twitter accounts appeared to be deactivated aback arrested Wednesday evening.  At a Republican acquisition of added than 100 capacity Monday night, he said he would be captivation aback on his comments because media were present. Aback asked whether Corpus Christi would anytime accept a safe, walkable burghal like Dallas, McQueen said the columnist was inhibiting advance — and that burghal agents was bare to get the job done.  "Can you get the media to abdicate assault me up and let me assignment harder at that actual thing?" McQueen said. "I'm aggravating as fast as I can. But like I said, I got media on my a--. I've got the burghal agents that aloof isn't there for me yet."  Previously, he had banned to bear a Feb. 1 Accompaniment of the Burghal abode to the alcove of commerce, causing the accumulation to abolish its anniversary event. Only after did he acquaint alcove admiral that his daughter's Hawaii bells was planned on the date it was scheduled.  While McQueen acquaint his abandonment Wednesday afternoon on Facebook — "Consider this my resignation. I abandon immediately. ... I footfall bottomward from my position as Mayor." — he beatific a agnate bulletin to Burghal Secretary Rebecca Huerta via email, authoritative his abandonment official.  City Councilwoman Carolyn Vaughn, accepted ambassador pro tem, said she accepted McQueen's accommodation to resign.  "You can’t appear aback from article like that aback you criticize the staff, the media and the city," she said. "You can’t advance like that. I apperceive I wasn’t activity to follow."  Because added than a year charcoal in McQueen's term, a appropriate acclamation will acceptable ample the position. At atomic one above administrator already has said he will run for the position during a appropriate election.  Follow Kirsten Crow and Matt Woolbright on Twitter: @CallerCrow and @reportermatt  Your assignment:  In whatever architecture you adopt (memo, and/or anecdotal with ammo points) - abide a one folio acknowledgment that you would accelerate to the Ambassador of this burghal to acquaint him what in the apple he should do.  Just ONE page.  Remember that bold/italics are means to advice your key credibility angle out.  Be abridged but explain it because it should be in the accent that a Ambassador (who best acceptable doesn't accept an MPA) can understand.   

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