Play Review #2

  THEATRE 130 Online Comedy Report In adjustment to accept abounding acclaim on your comedy report, you charge apprehend a appear comedy at atomic 20 pages in length. You can analysis out plays from the TSU library, from bounded accessible libraries, or by downloading accessible plays as PDFs. Select a feature play, usually two or added acts. Follow the architecture below, which requires you to abode a five-paragraph report, which is about 750 words. Be abiding to adapt anxiously to accumulate aural the 3 folio maximum. Report Guidelines After account the comedy in its entirety, you will abode a abode to abode the following: 1. Introduction a. Title, playwright, year originally published, a few abrupt statements summarizing reviews of the plays. Search the Internet for comedy reviews and briefly accord a faculty of how this comedy was accustomed back produced. b. Why you chose the play 2. Historical Abridgment of the aeon in which the comedy takes place a. Historically, what was accident during the time of the play’s action 3. Plot abridgment of the play a. Include all elements of the affecting structure, including genre, theme, and complete plot 4. Favorite Appearance Development a. Explanation of character’s accord to the alternative characters aural the play b. How does the appearance change over the advance of the comedy and what causes him/her to do so? c. Why did this appearance address to you so much? 5. Conclusion a. Would you acclaim this comedy to be read, or performed, by addition else? Why or why not? b. How do you feel that account this comedy has contributed to your ability and compassionate of the theatre? Format Guidelines Your comedy abode charge be 3 pages long, typed double-spaced, in 12 pt. Font, in Times New Roman, with 1” margins on all sides. Reminder: DO NOT delay until the aftermost minute. Late assignments will not be accustomed due to abstruse glitches.

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