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 300 + words (excluding references) in absolute and abstracted references for anniversary question Question 1  a. Go online and acquisition at atomic two sites with definitions of fast tracking and abolition a activity agenda in your own words. b. Consider the plan you able for the software arrangement testing activity in catechism 1 above. If you were abreast by administration that you charge abate the planned continuance of the activity by bristles days, call how you, as a activity manager, could blast or fast track this project. Be specific in anecdotic absolutely what could be afflicted in the activity plan for anniversary option. c. If the appeal to acceleration up the activity occurs afterwards day 25 of the aboriginal schedule, what is the alone advantage available? d. Prepare able advertence citations for the sites you located, application APA style. Question 2 a. Go online and analysis the aberration amid absolute baggy and chargeless slack. b. Why would the acumen amid altered forms of baggy be important to a activity manager c. Prepare able advertence citations for the sites you located, application APA style. Question 3 A activity to put on a above all-embracing antic antagonism has the afterward above deliverables: Sports Venues, Athlete Accommodation, Volunteer Organization, Security, Events, and Publicity (which has already been burst bottomward into pre-event publicity and post-event publicity.) Prepare a WBS for any distinct above deliverable on the list. Remember the 100 percent rule, and cardinal your objectives. Textbook:  Watt, A. (2019). Activity Management, 2nd Edition. BCcampus Open Education. 

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