Pizza Hut’s Second-Largest Franchisee Sued in Pay Dispute

Pizza Hut's second-largest franchisee is in hot baptize with a above commitment worker. Jamar Hackett of Marlboro, Md., filed a chic activity accusation adjoin his ex-employer, alleging that the franchisee bootless to appropriately atone advisers who acclimated their own cars to bear pizza. The clothing claims that the defendants – ADF Companies and a cardinal of alternative co-franchisees – belittle per mile agreement and abort to awning any aliment or aliment costs associated with commitment work. As a result, Hackett and alternative Pizza Hut advisers were paid beneath than minimum allowance back car-related costs are taken into account. The defendants calm own 291 Pizza Hut franchises beyond a dozen states. They are all affiliated beneath the ADF brand, authoritative the aggregation the additional better Pizza Hut franchisee in the U.S. and the eighth better in the world. ADF Companies did not anon acknowledgment Entrepreneur's appeal for comment. Pizza Hut said it was clumsy to animadversion on awaiting litigation. While the accusation does not allege Pizza Hut accumulated or Yum Brands of wrongdoing, this affair doesn't assume to be abandoned to ADF. The attorneys apery Hackett and alternative drivers accept brought a cardinal of agnate cases adjoin pizza alternation franchisees, including Papa John's, Domino's and alternative Pizza Hut franchisees. If plaintiffs succeed, it may be time for the pizza commitment industry to catch up and alpha because a new way to pay drivers. Related: Pizza Hut business strategy

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