PICOT PowerPoint Presentation

 Develop a change activity and to apparatus this activity in the field. To analysis the aboriginal accomplish in the analysis process, we accept developed a mini-practice analysis appointment to adapt you. During this lesson, you will use the PICOT analytic format/formula to advance an accountable analysis question. All elements are listed below: P: Population/disease (age, gender, ethnicity, disorder) I: Action or capricious of absorption (exposure to a disease, accident behavior, anxiety factor) C: Comparison (a placebo or “business as usual” such as no disease, absence of accident factor, or anxiety agency B) O: Aftereffect (risk of disease, accurateness of a diagnosis, amount of accident of adverse outcome) T: Time (the time it takes to authenticate an outcome; e.g., the time it takes for the action to accomplish an aftereffect or how continued participants are observed) Prepare an evidence-based convenance (EBP) PowerPoint presentation on a affair of your best that is accordant to avant-garde nursing convenance education, leadership, affection improvement, or change.   Your presentation should include: Identification of an avant-garde convenance nursing affair or convenance botheration of concern Design a analysis catechism application the PICOT format A abrupt abstract analysis and allegation accompanying to best practices with at atomic three bookish assets cited in APA (6th ed.) format Plan, Do, Study, Act Action that could be used Any implications that the analysis ability accept for nursing practice Remember is for Nursing accompanying topic. 

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