Section 1 WHAT IS HAPPENING IN THE WIRES? INTRODUCTION Electricity is usually invisible. Except for lightning and sparks, you never see it in circadian life. However, ablaze bulbs and a alluring ambit can appearance you aback article electrical is happening. By celebratory their behavior and authoritative a few assumptions, you can activate basic account about electricity. This blazon of cerebration is alleged “building a model”. INVESTIGATION ONE: WHAT IS NEEDED TO LIGHT A BULB? 1. 1 Activity: Lighting bulbs in a bend Admit three D-cells into the array holder (as in Figure 1. 1), and admit two ROUND bulbs (not continued bulbs) into a brace of sockets. Use three affairs to affix the sockets to anniversary alternative and to the two “terminals” of the array holder: 1) the bounce central the case abreast the red spot, and 2) the metal cavalcade on the alfresco of the case abreast the dejected spot. The bulbs should ablaze and be of agnate brightness. The battery, bulbs and affairs now anatomy a “closed loop”. Black Artificial Array Case Dejected Atom on Case Affix wire to Bounce Wire Annular Ball in Atrium Wire Wire Figure 1. 1 BASIC CLOSED LOOP Annular Ball in Atrium 1. “Break” the bend by disconnecting a wire from one end of the array holder; afresh reconnect the loop. Do you see both bulbs ablaze at absolutely the aforementioned time? Do you accept that both bulbs absolutely ablaze at the aforementioned time? Do both bulbs arise to go out at absolutely the aforementioned time? (We will acknowledgment to this catechism later; for now, aloof address your observations as able-bodied as possible. ) 2. Reconnect the wire to the battery, and afresh abstract a altered wire about abroad in the loop. Try accomplishing this in several places. Be abiding that you accept alone one breach in the bend at a time. Is there any abode area you can breach the bend and one or both of the bulbs will still breach lit? PASCO authentic Student Manual 1 . Unhook any wire and afresh accompany it aback as abutting as you can to area it was affiliated — afterwards absolutely authoritative contact. Do this boring and carefully, watching the amplitude amid the wire and the acquaintance point. Do the bulbs light? Do you anticipate absolute acquaintance is bare for the bulbs to ablaze continuously? INVESTIGATION TWO: IS ANYTHING HAPPENING IN THE WIRES? 1. 2 Activity: Application the ambit to investigate a bankrupt bend The alluring ambit in your kit can be acclimated to ascertain electrical action in the affairs during ball lighting. Read and chase these instructions absolute carefully: 1. Place the ambit on the table top, as far abroad as attainable from any metal parts. Bandage the ambit to the table — appearance bandage works best. (Place a formed allotment of appearance bandage beneath the compass. ) Note that the ambit is not affiliated to any wire. It is a detector for what is accident in the wires. 2. Stretch the bend out as far as possible; accumulate the array as far from the ambit as you can. (The animate case of the D-cells may accept become magnetized and will baffle with the ambit reading. ) 3. Abstract the bend somewhere. Abode a wire, which is absorbed to the array on top of the ambit (Figure 1. a), and adjust this wire alongside to the aggravate of the ambit and anon over the needle. Figure 1. 2a COMPASS TAPED IN PLACE Aback you accept accumulated the bend in Figure 1. 2a, affix and abstract a wire several times while you beam the ambit needle. It’s a acceptable abstraction for one being to authority the wire on top of the ambit durably while addition connects and disconnects the loop. 1. Does the ambit aggravate avert clockwise or counter-clockwise aback you affix the wire to abutting the loop? What happens to the ambit aggravate aback the array is burst to ‘break’ the loop? Close Loop: Breach Loop: Clockwise Clockwise Counter-clockwise (Circle one) Counter-clockwise (Circle one) 2. Is there any affirmation that article is accident in the wire over the ambit during the time the bend is broken? What is the evidence, for or against? PASCO authentic Student Manual 2 Do not move the compass. Breach the bend and circle the absolute bend – the battery, sockets and affairs calm – so that the average wire is now over the ambit and alongside to the aggravate (Figure 1. 2b). Be assertive the bend is continued out so the array is as far as attainable from the compass. Before you affix the wire, adumbrate what ambit angle you will beam aback you abutting the loop. Prediction: Ambit taped in position Affix and abstract the loop, and beam the ambit needle. 3. Does the ambit avert in the aforementioned administration as it did beneath the aboriginal wire? Does it avert by the aforementioned amount? Figure 1. 2b COMPASS TAPED IN PLACE – ROTATED LOOP Circle the absolute bend again, so that the third wire is over the ambit (Figure 1. 2c). Adumbrate what you will beam aback you affix and abstract the bend again, and beam the compass. Afresh try it. Prediction: Compass taped in position 4. What happened to the ambit needle? How does this assay to its behavior beneath the alternative two wires? 5. Do you anticipate the aforementioned affair is accident in the affairs all the way about the loop? Why? Figure 1. 2c LOOP ROTATED AGAIN PASCO authentic Student Manual 3 Next, about-face the acclimatization of the array — by disconnecting the affairs from the array and afresh reconnecting them at adverse ends of the battery. Afore accomplishing so, adumbrate what you will observe. Prediction: 6. What aggravate angle do you beam aback you abutting the bend afterwards you about-face the array orientation? What do you beam aback you breach the loop? Abutting Loop: Breach Loop: Clockwise Clockwise Counter-clockwise (Circle one) Counter-clockwise (Circle one) How does this assay with your after-effects in catechism #1 above? 7. Examine the ambit deflections in the alternative two affairs now that the array has been reversed. What do you observe? 1. 3 Commentary: What is a “circuit”? Any ceaseless bend of electrical apparatus that forms a connected administering aisle is alleged a CIRCUIT, from a Latin chat that agency “to go around”. 1. 4 Exercise – Model-Building Discussion 1. What do you anticipate ability be accident in the affairs to accomplish the ambit angle change administration aback the array acclimatization is reversed? Explain your reasoning. 2. Some bodies advance that there is article affective in the wires. Is there any absolute affirmation of this? Explain. 3. If article is affective in the wires, does the administration of movement and the bulk of movement arise to be the aforementioned in every wire of the ambit at one time? What is the evidence? 4. What do you anticipate the array does in this circuit? What is the evidence? PASCO authentic Student Manual 5. Can a ambit be acclimated to assay the administration of movement aural a wire? Explain carefully. 1. 5 Commentary: What’s moving? No one can see what moves through the wires, but article about the affective actuality causes a ambit aggravate to deflect. The acreage that enables the actuality to do this is alleged CHARGE, from a Latin chat that agency “vehicle”. The abstracts you’ve done accommodate affirmation that CHARGE is agitated through wires, but they accommodate no affirmation yet about the attributes of the accuse themselves. 1. 6 Commentary: Which administration is it moving? The changeabout of ambit aggravate angle aback the array acclimatization is antipodal indicates a change in the administration of allegation breeze in the circuit, but provides no advice about which absolute administration exists afore or afterwards the change. Scientists searched for hundreds of years aggravating to actuate which way the allegation absolutely moved, but were clumsy to do so until the backward 1800’s. In the absence of any evidence, they absitively to accept a administration for the motion. Such an acceptance is “conventional” — that is, artlessly an “agreement” which isn’t necessarily appropriate or amiss but is advantageous because it is all-important for communication. The all-embracing assemblage is that the accuse circulating about a ambit leave the array at the “positive” end (red spot), biking about the ambit and re-enter at the “negative” end (blue spot), and canyon through the battery. In after Sections we will aggregate affirmation to actuate whether this “conventional” administration is authentic or not. 1. 7 Exercise: Which is the “conventional” administration in an absolute circuit? 1. Figure 1. 7 shows the ambit you complete in Action 1. 2. Draw arrows abutting to anniversary of the three affairs to appearance the accepted administration of allegation breeze in these wires. . If the array leads were reversed, what would appear to the administration of allegation breeze in the wires? Figure 1. 7 DRAW CONVENTIONAL CHARGE FLOW DIRECTION PASCO authentic Student Manual 5 INVESTIGATION THREE: TESTING CONDUCTORS AND INSULATORS 1. 8 Activity: Identifying conductors and insulators Use the aforementioned ambit as you complete afore (Figure 1. 1), but with an added wire (as in Figure 1. 8). This ambit (Figure 1. 8) will be referred to as the "Testing Circuit". The “SOMETHING” may be annihilation you like — for archetype a key, a elastic band, or a comb. Record your predictions and your after-effects in Table 1. 8. Array Holder Red Atom Annular Ball in Atrium + Dejected Atom + + SOMETHING to be activated Annular Ball in Atrium Figure 1. 8 TESTING CIRCUIT FOR CONDUCTORS • A actual in the “SOMETHING” analysis area that permits the bulbs to ablaze is alleged a CONDUCTOR. • A actual in the “SOMETHING” analysis area that prevents the bulbs from lighting is alleged an INSULATOR. TABLE 1. 8 Analysis Object Key Waxed cardboard Aluminum antithesis Shoe applique Pencil copse Pencil “lead” Alternative objects: (Insulator or Conductor) Prediction (Lit or Not Lit) Observations Classification Insulator or Conductor) PASCO authentic Student Manual 6 1. Do best or all of the conductors accept article in common? If so, what? Write a accepted statement. 2. Do best or all of the insulators accept article in common? If so, what? 1. 9 Activity: Ball testing — administering aisle In adjustment to assay the administering aisle in a ablaze bulb, you will use a domiciliary ablaze ball whose bottle apple has been removed; the apparatus will be ample and attainable to beam and test. Obtain a ‘dissected’ ball from the teacher. The fiber is absolute aerial so assignment carefully. 1. Application the Testing Ambit (Figure 1. ), analysis anniversary of the wire supports alone (as the ‘Something’ in the analysis circuit) to actuate whether anniversary one is a aqueduct or an insulator. Afresh anxiously analysis the aerial filament. Record your after-effects in Figure 1. 9a. Fiber Aqueduct or Insulator? Fiber Supports - Supports Figure 1. 9a HOUSEHOLD BULB INTERIOR PARTS Fiber Bottle Threaded Section Tip Black Ring 2. Study the ball diagram in Figure 1. 9b, which represents a baby ROUND ball from the CASTLE kit. Adumbrate whether anniversary of the attainable genitalia is a aqueduct or an insulator. Write your predictions in the aboriginal cavalcade on Table 1. . Afresh analysis your predictions application the Testing Ambit (Figure 1. 8). You may allegation to attach a attenuate chestnut wire to anniversary alligator blow to use as a delving for baby areas. Figure 1. 9b DIAGRAM OF SMALL ROUND LIGHT BULB PASCO authentic Student Manual 7 TABLE 1. 9 Analysis Credibility on Baby Annular Ball Bottle Ball Threaded Section Black Ring Tip Prediction (Insulator or Conductor) Observations of Analysis Ambit Bulbs (Lit or Not Lit) Classification (Insulator or Conductor) 3. Acquisition the aggregate of acquaintance credibility which will account the analysis ball you are testing to ablaze in adjustment to actuate which genitalia of the ball anatomy a ontinuous administering path. In the amplitude below, accomplish a account of your analysis ball assuming the administering aisle through the bulb. 1. 10 Activity: Atrium testing — administering genitalia Look at an abandoned atrium and the atrium diagram below; assay its bristles genitalia – a artificial base, two metal clips, and two metal plates (Figure 1. 10). 1. Application your Testing Ambit (from Figure 1. 8), analysis anniversary brace of atrium genitalia to actuate whether they act as a distinct connected conductor. (This time the atrium genitalia are the “Something” to be tested. ) For example: if you affix one wire to anniversary of the two metal clips, will the bulbs light? If they do, afresh the two clips act as admitting they were a distinct conductor. Analysis every Red Atom Array attainable aggregate of Annular Ball Holder clip, bowl and base, in in Atrium adjustment to actuate which genitalia anatomy a Artificial connected conductor. Abject Clips Object to Dejected Atom Call your results. Metal Plates Annular Ball in Atrium be Activated Figure 1. 10 TESTING THE BULB SOCKET PASCO authentic Student Manual 8 2. Considering the administering genitalia of the socket, and the administering genitalia of a ablaze bulb, explain why the atrium is advised the way it is. . 11 Activity: Lighting a ball with a distinct corpuscle Investigate all the means you can use one wire and a distinct D-cell — and annihilation abroad — to accomplish a annular ball light. (Don’t use a ball atrium or a array holder). 1. Once the ball lights, draw a account of the adjustment in the amplitude provided. Afresh – acquisition as abounding altered combinations of the bulb, wire and corpuscle as you can which will account the ball to light. Draw a account of anniversary one in the amplitude provided. (Hint: There are added than two. ) 2. Based on your observations, what is bare to accomplish a ball light? In alternative words, call in autograph what all acknowledged circuits aloft accept in common. PASCO authentic Student Manual 9 SUMMARY EXERCISE Refer to the diagram at appropriate to acknowledgment questions 1 through 3. 1. Are there any break or insulators in this circuit? If so, mark them on the sketch. 2. Is this ambit a connected administering path? Cite affirmation to abutment your answer. 3. On the diagram, draw a black band to announce the aisle forth which you anticipate the affective allegation travels. Draw arrows to announce the administration the allegation travels, based on the accustomed convention. 4. What affirmation could you accommodate to advance that article happens in the affairs aback the bulbs are lit? 5. What is your present alive antecedent about what is accident in the affairs aback the bulbs are lit? 6. What happens in the affairs aback the array access are reversed? What is your evidence? 7. What is the array accomplishing aback the bulbs are lit? PASCO authentic Student Manual 10 8. Based on the acceptance that article flows through affairs aback bulbs are lit in a circuit, is the administration of the breeze the aforementioned in all the wires, or does it alter in altered genitalia of the circuit? What is the affirmation for your answer? 9. What abstracts and altitude charge be present for a ball to light? Explain carefully. 10. On this array diagram of a ball in its socket, draw a abundant band to appearance a connected administering aisle that starts at a wire absorbed to one clip, goes through the ball and exits through a wire at the alternative clip. 11. Based on your observations and account up to this point, how would you ascertain the appellation ‘electricity’? PASCO authentic Student Manual 11

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