physical security

  For this assignment, you are the advice aegis administrator for the canton of Rockdale. The canton aloof adopted a new sheriff. He does not accept a agog compassionate of what is Concrete Security. It is your albatross to abrupt the sheriff on what is concrete aegis and how it can be acclimated to assure analytical infrastructures throughout the county. Please accommodate a PowerPoint Presentation with no beneath than 15 advisory slides. Further, you will use Zoom to almanac yourself, giving the presentation, and answer the slides. You do not accept to be in the video. The slides charge accommodate pictures and alternative cartoon that will abutment the presentation. The presentation should abode the following. What is concrete security? What are the levels of concrete security? Detail all bristles levels on abstracted slides What is the amount of planning as it relates to the levels of concrete security? What are concrete barriers and how they accompany with concrete security? Explain aegis or adept plan and countermeasures Expound on designing aegis and blueprint of site Requirements You charge accept a minimum of 15 slides. This does NOT accommodate your addition or advertence slides. Your presentation should be amid 15 to 20 account in length. You should accept a minimum of 14 DIFFERENT citations with analogous a advertence list. Please upload your recording (mp4) to your appointment breadth aloft completion.

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