Physical secuirty

Physical aegis provides assorted forms of deterrents. Using able APA formatting abode the following. What are some of the concrete barriers provided by CCTV and alternation articulation fences as it relates to black bent activities? Should the designs and appearance of concrete barriers be advised when business owners are planning to install such systems at their businesses? Why or why not? From the account actual account and explain 4 types of fences. Requirements   Please address a minimum of two paragraphs on anniversary question. Every branch charge be indented, accept at atomic four complete sentences, subtitled (centered bold), and a altered in-text citation. Do not continuously adduce at the end of anniversary paragraph. You are appropriate to address and adduce according to APA 6 th  Edition format. Your SafeAssign Score needs to be no added than 30%. Please ensure that you use the Individual Project Header for this and every IP assignment. Failure to accede with these requirements will aftereffect in a low or aught grade.

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