Physical Fitness Assessment

  The Concrete Action Address Questionnaire (PAR Q) is a screening apparatus to actuate if a being should analysis with his or her doctor above-mentioned to commutual an exercise program. To begin, booty the PAR Q assessment. Complete an exercise activity, you are activity to appraise your cardiovascular ability by commutual the Measuring Cardiorespiratory Fettle Laboratory Appraisal 3.1B: The 1 Mile Walk Test. Look at the after-effects archive and actuate your fettle level.  Results of 1 mile walk- Duration: 12minutes and 47 seconds, alpha affection amount 82, catastrophe affection amount 134 (before air-conditioned down)-32 year old female. Scoring: Here are the age-adjusted standards (listed in account and seconds) for men and women, which are based on advice calm from the Cooper Institute, American Council on Exercise and alternative sources.  Ratings for Women, Based on Age   Age             20-29            30-39                  40-49                       50-59               Excellent  <13:12         <13:42                <14:12                    <14:42             Good     13:12-14:06   13:42-14:36   14:12-15:06      14:42-15:36 Average  14:07-15:06   14:37-15:36   15:07-16:06      15:37-17:00 Fair    15:07-16:30   15:37-17:00           16:07-17:30      17:01-18:06 Poor >16:30                >17:00         >17:30                   >18:06 Continue with your account by acclamation the afterward bulleted items: Discuss why it is important to complete a PAR Q address appraisal above-mentioned to starting an exercise program. Explain the accent of assessing your alpha fettle level. Expound on your results. Provide capacity such as continuance and alpha and catastrophe affection rate.  Analyze how your after-effects analyze to alternative individuals aural your age ambit based on the age-old adapted standards blueprint above. Explain whether you were blessed with these results. Why or why not? Whether you were blessed with your after-effects or not, analyze two means you could advance your results. Explain how the affairs agency of concrete fettle affects all-embracing bloom and wellness. Discuss how these after-effects chronicle aback to your concrete wellness after-effects from the absorbed claimed assessment Express which alternative ambit of wellness are afflicted by concrete wellness and how. For the account assignment, address out anniversary catechism and again acknowledgment it. Your account should be a minimum of one folio in breadth (not including the appellation folio or advertence page). As a minimum, accommodate a advertence in your response. Accommodate an APA formatted appellation folio and advertence page. 

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