Physical assessment DQ week 10

 Musculoskeletal System   Superficial anatomy of the trunk, antecedent view 1-A woman abundant for the aboriginal time tells you that she is in accomplished bloom and asks you why it is all-important to access her calcium assimilation during her pregnancy. What should you acquaint this patient?  2-How is the accurate cartilage formed during fetal development? What can advice apathetic the progression of musculoskeletal changes associated with aging? 3-You are celebratory an examiner booty the history of a 70-year-old man as allotment of the musculoskeletal examination. You apprehension that the examiner asks the accommodating about exercise habits in his aboriginal years. Is this a accordant catechism to ask this patient? Why or why not? 4-A adolescent woman is anxious about a 1-cm aberration in the breadth of her legs. What is the best acknowledgment to accord this patient? Which analysis is acclimated to ascertain a broken centermost or crabbed meniscus? 5-A 12-year-old boy has afflicted his appropriate leg in an auto accident. If the epiphysis is damaged, what can eventually occur? 6-What does the appendage assurance attending to detect? 7-A absolute Tinel assurance is evocative of which disorder? 8-What are the affection of fibromyalgia?  9-What are the accident factors for sports injury? 10-JB is a 43-year-old accommodating who presents to the appointment with complaints of aback pain. She states that the affliction started a few months ago as a addled ache, and now she feels that it has progressed to her hands, feet, and hips. The accommodating is adipose and has a ancestors history of collective pain. You accept diagnosed her with osteoarthritis. a)- Call the analysis of osteoarthritis. b)- Differentiate amid signs and affection of osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. c- Because JB is accepting affliction in her back, call an indicator of a attenuated beef group.

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