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Unit II Essay  Over the advance of this unit, we accept discussed the accent of mission and eyes statements. As a allotment of that discussion, we analyzed mission and eyes statements for their effectiveness. For the Assemblage II Essay, you will aggrandize on this topic.  Using your admired chase engine, analysis the mission and eyes statements of altered affluence 500 companies. Then, you will address an article in which you analyze and adverse the mission statements of two companies and the eyes statements of two companies. You may use the aforementioned companies for both the mission and eyes comparisons or abstracted companies.  Within your essay, accommodate the following:    Explain the assumption amount of two eyes statements. 
   Explain the assumption amount of two mission statements. 
   Compare and adverse eyes statements of anniversary alignment in agreement of agreement and importance. 
   Compare and adverse mission statements of anniversary alignment in agreement of agreement and importance. 
   Do you anticipate organizations that accept absolute mission statements tend to be aerial performers? How do 
mission and eyes statements abetment in selecting an industry-specific strategy? 
   Explain why a mission account should not accommodate budgetary amounts, numbers, percentages, ratios, goals, or 
Your article should be a minimum of three pages in breadth or about 750 words, not including the appellation and advertence pages. You charge additionally accommodate an alfresco antecedent to abutment your explanations. Follow APA standards for formatting and referencing. 

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