After you accept completed able analysis on the acclaimed personality theorist Rogers  and his applicant centered therapy, and how he envisioned both problems  and solutions, address a letter in acknowledgment to this fabulous client: Someone has appear to you cogent a cardinal of problems: the  person's alliance is a mess, they abhorrence their job, they cannot complete  work on time, they feel afflicted and bad-humored abundant of the time, and  even their dog doesn't like them abundant of the time. While alive from the Humanistic (client centered) perspective,  you will charge to acquaint your fabulous "client" what you accept the  client can do about the problems the applicant is having. Using Rogerian  theory and terms, how ability you acquaint the applicant to set things to appropriate  again? Your letter should affectation bright affirmation (such as arbiter agreement in adventurous  font) that you accept what the theorist considers a healthy,  well-adjusted personality, and how to advice addition body one. No absolute  quotes of the arbiter or alternative antecedent is permitted. Citation can be  informal - aloof account your academy level research sources afterwards your signature.

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