Phonology Write Up–English Plurals

For this, you will use the attached: English Plurals.pdf, Eng-Plural Data 1-10.pdf, followed by the consecutive questions and accessible answers of Eng-Plural Data 1-10, And the Phono Guidelines.pdf Following the admonition and formats with the adapted archive and book is of the absolute importance, so amuse do best work, and amateur assay all your grammar and spelling. In abutment of your analysis, your cardboard should accommodate the afterward archive and tables: Vowel blueprint and accordant blueprint of all the segments in the dataset, organized as in the IPA blueprint by abode and address (for consonants) or by acme and backness (for vowels). A table with the bounded environments area anniversary allophone occurs (for the allophone(s) beneath consideration) Formal phonological rule(s), phrased application features, not lists of segments Paraphrased phonological rule(s) in book form: This explains what your academic aphorism is declared to do, and shows us that you accept it. Sample derivations that allegorize how your assay works. I.e., /underlying representation/ --> [surface representation] for a cardinal of examples that allegorize why you chose the appearance you did for the aphorism in (3,4). This is your "proof" section. Lexicon: what you accept the basal representation to be for all forms in the problem. What you anticipate the apostle has in their head, afore the rule(s) you apparent apply. Your cardboard charge explain all your reasoning: how you set up your lexicon,  how your aphorism works, why you chose the accurate characteristic appearance in your rules, how your sample derivations work, why another aphorism formulations are not as acceptable as the one you accept proposed, any problems you ability accept encountered, etc. This altercation should be chip with the tables and charts. Refer to the Phono Guidelines pdf for added advice on how to adapt your paper. The consistent article abandoned charge be at atomic two pages long, if you're actual concise, or added acceptable 3-5 pages long. There is actually no acumen for it to be added than 10 pages long; you should aim for 2-5 pages (single spaced, 12pt font, reasonable margins).  The appropriate abstracts will be attached. Any added questions you may ask me or chase google for examples.

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