Phonics Lesson Plan

Title of Your Lesson| Digraph Account Hunt| Grade Level| 4th| Subject| Phonics- Digraphs| Arbitrary and Rationale (Connections to Big Goal/Unit)| Acceptance will be alive with digraphs. TTW will acceptance what sounds /ph/, /th/, and /sh/ accomplish as a admonition and again asked to accord examples. The acceptance will again be accustomed affiche lath breach into three categories for anniversary of the three digraphs and will be alive in groups of three to acquisition words and pictures in magazines that fit into the three categories. At the end of the activity, the acceptance will present their allegation as a arbitrary and a assay to accomplish abiding the action was completed correctly. The ambition of this action will be for acceptance to be able to admit digraphs through pictures as words. Acceptance will authenticate compassionate by responding to questions on whiteboards that they will authority up back questions are asked. | Classroom Scenario (small group, accomplished class, self-contained, resource, gen. ed. , spec. ed. nclusion)| This action will be done with the absolute chic of fifteen, but acceptance will be burst up into bristles groups of three. | PRETEACHING TASKS/PLANNING| | Common Core Accompaniment Standards (CCSS)| 4. RF. 3Know and administer grade-level phonics and chat assay abilities in adaptation words. a. Use accumulated ability of all letter-sound correspondences, syllabication patterns, and analysis (e. g. , roots and affixes) to apprehend accurately alien multisyllabic words in ambience and out of context. Objectives (One to two at most. TSW or TSWBAT…)(What will your acceptance be able to do? What will acceptance apperceive by the end of this lesson? )| Acceptance will be able to admit /ph/, /th/, and /sh/ sounds through pictures and words in magazines acceptance for easier acceptance in real-life| Evaluation/Assessment (Is your appraisal carefully accumbent to your lesson’s objectives and standards? How will you apperceive whether your acceptance accept fabricated advance against the objective? How and back will you appraise mastery? Describe the task, the criteria/rubric, worksheet, analysis sheet, and ambition for mastery. )| Acceptance will be alive calm to acquisition pictures and words in magazines that accord to the digraphs we are apperception on. Back the acceptance present their boards, the abecedary will apperceive whether or not they accept accepted what the sounds complete like and if they were able to analyze them through pictures and words begin in magazines. | Materials Needed (Graphic organizers, specific books, readers, chat wall, complete counters, SMARTBoard, etc. )| Whiteboard, magazines, scissors, affiche paper, glue| Accommodations/Modifications to be provided/Explicit Differentiated Instructional Strategies| * One-on-one time with abecedary will be accessible for acceptance disturbing with the sounds * For differentiated instruction, TTW accommodate pictures of words and the apprentice will array them into categories based on their digraph * Another differentiated apprenticeship action will acquiesce acceptance to address lists of words in columns that are adapted for assertive digraphs and complete letter relationships. INSTRUCTIONAL PLAN PRELESSSON SUMMARY (WRITTEN REFLECTION)| SEE ATTACHED RESPONSE BELOW. | TEACHING PROCEDURES| | Building Background (Opener/Hook/Anticipatory Set) (How does this assignment affix to antecedent lessons/objectives taught? What visuals, video, or argument reminders will you use? How you will accelerate acceptance about the acquirements that will booty place? How will you appoint acceptance in the accent of the lesson’s objective(s)? Explain. )| Back they breach of into groups acceptance will be aflame that they get to assignment with their accompany to go on an “in-class scavenger hunt”. TTW let the acceptance apperceive that they will be action on a scavenger coursing to acquisition the sounds that accept been accounting on the whiteboard. The chat “digraph” will be alien and gone over for acceptance who do not bethink it. To advice the acceptance bethink the action of the digraph, the abecedary will ask them to accord me a few examples of words with the /ph/, /th/, and /sh/ sounds in them afore alpha the activity. | Introduction of New Material (What 3 – 5 key credibility do you appetite to emphasize? How/what will you archetypal for students? How will you ensure that acceptance actively booty in advice presented? )| - Accent the specific digraphs ahead mentioned - Appearance acceptance that pairs of belletrist appear calm to accomplish sounds in basic words - Acquiesce acceptance the befalling to accept one chat they begin a account for and spell it on the lath for the alternative acceptance to see the digraph arrangement and account they found| Guided Practice/Small Accumulation Assignment Activities (This is area you convenance your cold with students. How will you ensure that all acceptance accept assorted opportunities to practice? How will you arch convenance exercise from accessible to difficult? How will you adviser and actual apprentice performance? )| The abecedary will be walking about from accumulation to accumulation to analysis for accumulation and alone understanding. TTW will attending at the words they accept begin so far and accomplish abiding they are adapted for the activity. If words are not analogous the digraphs actuality used, TTW will explain why and advice them acquisition words that will work. Each accumulation will be presenting so no apprentice will be larboard out of the process. This exercise itself is independent so acceptance will be accomplishing as abundant as they can with out the advice of a teacher. | Independent Convenance (This is area you accurately affirmation your objective’s ambition (s) with the aforementioned action but altered items/prompts for alone assessment. How will the acceptance administer the new ability they accept learned? )| Anniversary apprentice will accept pictures that TTW will accommodate to array into bags based on their digraph. TTW will airing about and analysis the piles. To be able to analysis for absolute chic understanding, acceptance will acknowledge to action accompanying questions on whiteboards. | Assignment Closure (How will acceptance abridge what they learned? How will acceptance be asked to accompaniment or appearance the acceptation of what they accept learned? How will you accommodate all acceptance with opportunities to authenticate mastery, or advance against ability of the objective? How will you accurately analysis your lesson’s objectives? * TTW will analysis the digraphs we accept focused onTo abridge what we accept learned, TTW will say a chat and ask for a thumbs up or a thumbs bottomward based on the chat the abecedary provided and whether it has a digraph complete or not| Extensions (How ability you accommodate opportunities for extension? )| The abecedary could accomplish a chic account lath with a balloon surrounding the three digraphs that we are absorption on. Acceptance can acquisition pictures at home that accept those sounds and cut them out and accompany them in to add to our chic account board. Bloom’s Taxonomy Levels Achieved in the Lesson. Please justify. (Found in your Instructional Plans Folders 1 & 2)| Remember, Recognizing, Recalling- Acceptance will be alive from abiding anamnesis to retrieve ability from accomplished acquaint to complete this action Understanding- Acceptance will apperceive which class to put their words and pictures into on their affiche lath by allocation their words and pictures by digraph Applying- The acceptance will be demography ability they abstruse in one architecture and applying it to a new and altered activity|

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