Phoenix MGT 526 Signature Assignment: Organization Presentation

  Assignment Content     Use your called aggregation from Weeks 1-5 for this week’s assessment. You’ve become a trusted ability for your organization, and they’ve asked your admonition on accepting a aggressive advantage in the field. More specifically, they would like your assay and recommendations on means to accompany their aggregation culture, demographics, and technologies up to accepted industry practices and beyond. Review the “How to Make a Presentation” video.  Create a 10- to 12-slide presentation with abundant apostle addendum and visuals on every accelerate that includes the afterward elements: An assay of the organization’s accepted ability (e.g., beliefs, expectations, values, and norms). Address how managers access the authoritative culture. An appraisal of the appulse of demographic armament (e.g., age, gender, indigenous origin, race, animal orientation, and amusing class) of your called alignment and what it could be Note: This is a acceptable abode to use your chart/outline/infographic from Wk 5. An assay of the appulse of abstruse armament (e.g., changes in the technology managers use to design, produce, or administer appurtenances and services) of your called company Consider how this can accord to addition aural the industry. An assay on how the alignment has complied with belief and amusing albatross behavior Recommendations of means to innovate based on your analysis Summary References Attached is anniversary 1-5 assignments for info.   

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