Phoenix Jackson

In Eudora Welty’s abbreviate adventure “A Worn Path” we are alien to the capital protagonist, Phoenix Jackson, an old, weak, and poverty-stricken “Negro woman” who describes her adventure from her home to the burghal to get anesthetic for her ailing grandson. Throughout the story, her adulation of her grandson enables her to affected assorted physical, affecting and cerebral obstacles but also, gives her a abundant courage, action and determination. As she takes this abiding airing beyond the woods, abounding of her characteristics are appear Phoenix attempts to advance on a continued and betraying adventure through the dupe to Natchez.During the cruise accepting abounding obstacles in her way such as her old age, the algid weather, ditches and hills, thorns, agrarian animals and a hunter with a gun, she falls, gets aback up and keeps on against the ambition of accepting her grandson’s medicine. She does not avoid in the face of these potentially alarming situations because of her adulation and adherence to her ailing grandson. Amazingly, old Phoenix can go about her adventure about after her afterimage and he depends abandoned on the accomplish of her anxiety for direction. Although she walks alone, she does not feel abandoned or feel apologetic for herself and she tells the animals to break out of her way. Also, Phoenix knows able-bodied abundant to change her habits and cull herself calm aloft entering the big city, area she is consistently affable and affable to the town's people. For a woman of her age, she manages to cull herself through all the tangles she gets herself into. Phoenix keeps her faith, by constant to the end and actual through the adulation she has for her grandson.Nothing frightens Phoenix, not alike a bother in the aphotic of the woods. Walking beyond a log with her eyes bankrupt is one of the adventuresome things she does. A hunter forth the way approaches her and tries to use his gun to attenuate her. He is boorish to her by apropos to her as granny. The hunter aback loses a nickel, again anon old Phoenix devises a arrangement to scrape up the agleam coin. She has already bent in her affection what she will acquirement with this windfall. Phoenix would rather not acquirement article of need.She has accomplished some money forth her adventure and she has in apperception to acknowledgment with a allowance for her grandson, who is ill and all abandoned aback home. Phoenix perseveres admitting obstacles of every kind, physically her adventure is arduous, emotionally she charge acquire the corruption of the white hunter, and spiritually she charge accord with the affliction of a ailing grandson. Phoenix's assurance is anon arresting throughout the story. She has fabricated the adventure selflessly, for addition else's sake. "We are the alone two larboard in the world,'' she says, absolute her able charge to her grandson and her sacrificing nature.

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