Phoenix BUS 475 Degree of Alignment

  The assessments in this course give you the befalling to architecture a activity plan. Throughout the 5 weeks, you will accept an organization, actualize a project, address activity metrics, and advance a plan that includes a accident plan. You may use the advance arbiter and alfresco assets for all assessments.   This anniversary you will accept your alignment and apprentice about its accumulated values. Review the 8 organizations listed in the case studies allocation of the text. Choose 1 of the organizations to use for all account assessments. You will not be able to change your organization, so ensure that you are adequate with your choice.   An alignment is about centered on its mission and vision, but it may not consistently do as its statement says. Using the provided avant-garde organizer template, complete the following: List the advice about the company Analyze the amount of alignment amid what the alignment is currently accomplishing (actions) and their mission, vision, values, structure, and culture.  Cite all sources in APA format.   THE ORGANIZATION THAT I CHOOSE IS TESLA.  ATTACHED IS THE WORKSHEET. 

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