Paper Instructions:​ ​Each acceptance will address a 1000-1200 chat essay. A affair ability accommodate discussing the abstract implications of an alfresco antecedent (e.g. a movie, poem, television episode, song, etc.) compared to a argument discussed in class. Two-thirds of the cardboard charge be anxious with compassionate and grappling with a argument advised in class. This is NOT a analysis paper. ​No accessory sources are permitted, although added primary sources (e.g. a movie, poem, television episode, song, etc.) are acceptable with approval. Acceptance are accepted to accomplish acceptable use of the texts considered, including quotations. Format: ​All affidavit charge be submitted in MLA formatting. Anniversary apprentice charge argue the MLA and plagiarism.  Topics-- 1. Compare the Delphic Oracle adventure and the gadfly annual in Plato’s Apology. Does Socrates behave analogously in anniversary account? While accomplishing so, accede who Socrates questions and area he questions them. Most importantly, accede how Socrates seeks to actuate his admirers and why he questions them (i.e. his declared purpose). If the two differ, why ability Socrates accord adverse accounts of his behavior?  

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