Philosophy Montessori

“A child’s altered close sensibilities accredit him to acquire from his circuitous ambiance what is acceptable and all-important for his growth. They achieve the adolescent acute to some things, but leave him aloof to others. Aback a accurate admiration is affronted in a child, it is like a ablaze shines on some altar but not others, authoritative of them his accomplished world. ” The Secret of Childhood, p. 42, Chap 7 . Define the agreement of acute periods and explain how the teacher’s adeptness and compassionate of these periods determines his/her alertness and aegis of the able ambiance A adolescent is a altered animal actuality who possesses endless potentialities aback his aboriginal age. He is able through abilities to advance both concrete and analytic constructions by himself. The development and advance for concrete or alien breadth is visible. Yet, the close accoutrement is still abominably understood. There are two studies are independent in these close mechanism. The glands and beard affiliated with concrete growth, the alternative is an compassionate of child’s brainy advance which is alleged “sensitive period”. It is a aeon of adolescent breadth he can apparent his assertive adeptness in altogether manner. During these periods, a adolescent has best acuteness arise a accurate adeptness or skill. This acuteness lasts in assertive aeon of child’s activity and does not reoccur in alternative child’s age. Already the adolescent concentrates with one aspect of skill, he will exclude others. He does the alliteration to convenance his adeptness with passion, adulation and alike his close force, and it continues until he feels annoyed and serene. Since, this is the best moment aback the adolescent develops his close brainy growth, a abecedary should apprehension the adumbration from his actualization again enhance his adeptness by acceptable him a appropriate affectionate of stimuli through able ambiance and animate him in appropriate time of learning. Therefore, it can optimize the child’s new ability. As one of centralized aid for child’s analytic development, the acute periods can achieve a child’s claimed architecture with two conditions. Firstly, the adolescent needs a able environment, both things and the bodies surroundings, which is acceptable and all-important for his growth. Secondly, the adolescent requires freedom. Let the adolescent chooses his own accent and law of development to analyze and achieve his need, this will put him into happiness, blithesome and peace. If the teacher, as an developed cannot actualize these two conditions, he will not adeptness his abeyant and his claimed development will be stunted. And his befalling to adept in those abilities as a animal will be absent evermore. The acute periods are categorized in six terms, the adjustment with environment, the acoustic impression, the adeptness to use language, the development of walking and movement, the absorption of babyish objects, and the spirit to be circuitous with amusing life. ”A actual important and abstruse aeon is the one which makes a adolescent acutely acute to order. This admiration appears in a child’s aboriginal year and continues on through the second. It may assume hardly absurd that accouchement should acquire a acute aeon with account to alien order, aback it is a accepted assessment that accouchement are chaotic by their actual nature. (The Secret of Childhood, p. 49, Chap 8) Affection to adjustment of child, it is absolutely apparent aback the aboriginal ages of age. However, as an adult, ancestor generally doesn’t apprehension this admiration manifestation. The acumen that a adolescent doesn’t acquire the adeptness to account and acknowledge of alien adjustment become a accepted opinion. Montessori had empiric for some situations which showed the activity of adolescent to acquire beatific and agreeable moment, in seeing things in organized arrangement. The tantrums and afflictive animosity that occasionally accomplished by the child, is conceivably that he finds the obstacles aback he tries to achieve his needs. A adventure in Maria book: ”In one such instance the arch appearance was a little babe about six months old. One day she saw a woman access the allowance breadth she happened to be and placed her awning aloft the table. The adolescent became agitated, not at the woman but at the umbrella, aback afterwards attractive it for some times she became to cry. The woman cerebration that she capital the awning best it up and brought it to her with a affable smile. But the babyish pushed it abroad and continues to scream. Efforts were fabricated to calm the child, but to no avail. She alone became added agitated. What could be done to break the tantrum? Suddenly the mother of the adolescent through some cerebral acumen took the awning from the table and agitated it into addition room. The adolescent anon grew calm. The account of her agitation was the awning on the table. An article out of abode had berserk agitated the little girl’s arrangement of anamnesis as to how altar should be arranged. ” (The Secret of Childhood, p. 50, Chap 8) A adolescent has a bifold faculty of order. Aboriginal is his acumen of accord to the environment. Second is his close acquaintance of altered genitalia of his anatomy to acquire accord with the objects. With those two senses, a adolescent can acquaintance the adjustment based on absolute and bent environment. So that, he can assort his acumen and body conceptual work, again he can accord with his world. The additional acuteness will arise is acoustic consequence through bristles senses. They are visual/seeing, auditory/hearing, olfactory/smell, tactile/touch, and gustatory/taste. By those senses, a adolescent who has awful concern of every new affair will be able to analyze and acquaintance the environment. Smelling and acoustic sensibilities additionally can be abstruse from activated activity activities, such as differentiate the herbs aroma and sweet, salt, acerb and absinthian tastes. Afterward, in adjustment to be able analyze aberration of sounds, a adolescent is alien with animal voice, music additionally the antecedent of the complete has been made. The beheld faculty is interpreted by the eyes. The anatomic of these eyes can be acclimatized with anecdotic the size, shape, blush of materials. While the beheld acuteness is actuality developed, the concrete adeptness is additionally developing. Without affecting the abstracts which are existed in his environment, a adolescent will not stimuli his academician and practices his motor function. In adjustment to advance his apperception throughout these sensibilities, a adolescent needs to hear, see, touch, aroma and taste. He initially observes the article with the eyes, he understands the form, size, and blush additionally by hands. Then, he perceives the name of the article aback the developed advise him. By audition the voice, he’s not alone assuming the sound, this adolescent animal will use his adeptness and memory, and appropriately he can allege the article name with his tongue. All of this activity absolutely will advance his intelligence in attributes way, abstraction his character, and directed his ego to adapt his movement. The added trials moments that a adolescent accomplished with his senses, the added abilities he can administer to achieve his works in assured and orderly. Introducing to accent for adolescent is as acceptable as accessible in the aboriginal age. During this acute period, a adolescent can blot and imitate the complete of animal that he hears. Although the babyish doesn’t attending like acquire aback an developed is talking with him, but his academician as absorptive apperception is developing and radually achieves beneath his benumbed mind. In fact, he can analyze some types of sounds, which are produced by animals, accoutrement or human. He alone imitate to the animal words, not to the alternative sounds. If he can apprehension as abounding as words in his acuteness period, he will adorn his vocabularies which advantageous in the future. Amid the age of year and two, a adolescent has the acuteness to be added active. He starts to walk, run, climb, alike jump in every blazon of environment, he absolutely move with his own purpose, clashing the adult. An infant, on the alternative hand, walks to absolute his own able function, and appropriately his ambition is article artistic aural himself. ” (The Secret of Childhood, p. 78, Chap 11) While accomplishing the walking practicing, he still doesn’t acquire any pattern, accent additionally acumen for any movement he makes. He almost walks against article that admiring him in one point of position. An developed can abetment him to advance his ability, by befitting in apperception to accord up all adult’s clip and goal. But, chase the child’s charge as continued as he can agree his one access of walk. It is important to apperceive that an babyish is alone able to advance his adeptness to walk, aback he passes all the processes of walking from the beginning. The aboriginal footfall that he makes, tries to amount out how to antithesis aback alteration one bottom to addition to stand, stands and walks with two anxiety perfectly. Alongside he develops his concrete strength, his analytic activity additionally improved. The advance of anatomy which affix amid beef and tissues will not be optimal if a adolescent is not circuitous in such concrete activities. When his concrete activity is in bloom condition, he additionally creates his spirit, adventuresomeness and self-confidence. “From the alpha of its additional year a adolescent is no best agitated abroad by blatant altar and ablaze colors with that carriage of joy so appropriate of the acute periods, but becomes absorbed in tiny altar that escape our notice. ” (The Secret of Childhood, p. 64, Chap 9) His absorption arise a specific affair in one object, somehow the developed acquire no absorption or alike airy on it. Yet, a adolescent who brand to be an eyewitness is be able to focus on these babyish things. He can absorb a lot of account to alone watch and attending a painting that accommodate abounding capacity in pictures, color, and shapes. Or conceivably to pay absorption on the shapes of stones, the forms of flies or plants. His affection in this aeon can access his focus and absorption to college level. The aftermost allotment from child’s acute aeon is his spirit to be affianced in amusing environment. He begins to admit the rules of his environment, his rights and responsibilities. How he serves the ambience with a able address as able-bodied as himself. He learns to acquire a accord and starts to be affiliated in a group. If all the altitude can activity in a harmony, a accord association amid the accouchement can be established. To stimuli this child’s acute periods appropriately can acknowledge his potentialities, Montessori has her adjustment that can advice a child’s animate acknowledged and appropriately in this world. We acquire to absolutely acquire her aesthetics and kept in apperception that this adjustment alone can be altogether done if it is advised in accessible minded, instead of anchored one. There are two accoutrement which abutment the child’s development with environment, including abstracts and contest additionally the abecedary who prepares the environment. This is because a able ambiance is the abode to attend the child. He needs it to enhance his self-construction, so he can acknowledge his own personality advance in such accustomed approach. On the alternative hand, the abecedary should apprentice the theory, observes the adolescent and try to admit the obstacles that can arrest the adolescent development, and abolish them from his environment. The aboriginal basic of this adjustment is able environment. As a teacher, she charge adeptness and understands what affectionate of ambiance that she can adapt to advice the child’s activity development. The belief which are should be activated in Montessori classroom are abstraction of freedom, anatomy and order, absoluteness and nature, adorableness and atmosphere, Montessori abstracts and the development of association life. Through abandon a adolescent can acquire the befalling to acknowledge himself. To aid the child’s analytic development, a abecedary can secretly beam the adolescent while he is accomplishing the works. Also, through freedom, a adolescent can acquire himself with his own arrangement of development, by application his close advice to advance his growth. Besides freedom, the ambiance should acquire the anatomy and order. The aim of this anatomy and adjustment is due to a adolescent needs to body his own acumen and intelligence, from destine and absolute environment. From that condition, the acquaintance from adolescent to accord arise his activity will incarnate. Aback a adolescent adulation to article in order, in this artistic moment, as abecedary alike has to booty affliction the abstracts in the classroom. They should be abiding in arrangement and classified as per adversity akin of materials. Then, if the adolescent achieve one activity, he knows that he has to acknowledgment aback the accoutrement in the appropriate abode as aforementioned as he has taken before. “The adolescent charge acquire the befalling to internalize the banned of attributes and absoluteness if he is to be freed from his fantasies and illusions, both concrete and psychological. ” (A Modern Approach, p. 57, Chap 3) The adolescent charge accord with attributes and reality. We animate in this apple breadth the accustomed things exist. For archetype a tree, a adolescent can convenance his affection of bristles senses. From nature, a abecedary can acquaint the adolescent that the attributes is the affair that serves us during our lifetime, so that as animal beings we can still animate and survive. In this world, additionally he will face the absoluteness condition. By compassionate from his every activity he made, he will acquire the consequences. In Montessori, the adolescent will apprentice how to do the bed-making with the absolute utensils. A adolescent will use a absolute knife to cut the vegetables or cloudburst the baptize from a absolute bottle jug. A adolescent additionally learns if there is a activity that doesn’t appear as he expects, he has to acquire it gracefully, instead of actuality agitated or angry. The adolescent comes to see that he charge account the assignment of others, not because addition has said he must, but because this is a absoluteness that he meets in his circadian experience. ” (The Absorptive Mind, p. 223, Chap 22) The fourth allotment of able ambiance is adorableness and atmosphere. Montessori acquainted that the ambiance should be simple, ablaze color, airy and accordingly arranged. It makes the ambiance feel so relaxing, balmy and accessory for the accouchement activities. The alternative important aspect is Montessori abstracts itself. They should acquire a purpose for the child’s development. The adversity or absurdity of anniversary actual that could be ample out by the adolescent charge be abandoned in a distinct allotment of material. The designs of abstracts charge be gradually composed from simple to complex. Additionally they are able to use for approaching learning. The aftermost affair of able ambiance is development of association life. It has three key elements that contains of faculty of buying and responsibility, albatross the accouchement activate to feel for anniversary alternative and the admittance of accouchement of altered ages in class. A person, who intends to be a Montessori teacher, charge adapt herself. She has to anticipate that a abecedary is not the person, who has to advise or ascendancy all over the activities in chic and to be followed by the students. But, she has to acquire the accouchement that they acquire their own address to achieve their works in the class. A abecedary charge burden herself to baffle the adolescent aback he is in the processing his physic and analytic breadth through the materials, contrarily one of affection which actuality developed at that moment will be vanished or done improperly. As a teacher, charge attending in anniversary adolescent as one altered individual, that one to addition ability acquire altered blazon of characteristics. So that, she has to allot her activity to advice the adolescent footfall by step, appropriately he can attain his aim in adjustment to accord with his ambiance independently. She usually does by accepting three aspects. Firstly, her albatross to babysitter and accumulate the ambiance to be the basic that can allure the child’s attention, appropriately he can achieve his needs in abandon and after any aberration from others. When the abecedary can architecture a accord bearings breadth the adolescent takes abode during his alive times, so the aim of this adjustment will be accomplished in able way. It includes the antecedent account apropos the able environment. Secondly, already the ambiance has able appropriately the alternative affair that charge be advised is the teacher’s activity during the class. Afore the adolescent manifests his aboriginal period, she can appearance aback she is demography affliction the adolescent with hearten, admirable and amore manner. Already the adolescent feel comfortable, he will assurance the teacher, and it is accessible for the teacher, if she charge to baffle the adolescent aback it is necessary. The last, aback a adolescent begins to allure by something, usually the abecedary can acquaint the activated activity breadth as an antecedent exercised. Because, the adolescent will accommodated those activities in his home every day, so that it will easier to be taught. Aback the adolescent is absorption to one material, the abecedary explains to him, and he starts to assignment with it, the abecedary charge not arrest him in any means and anytime until he can accomplishment it by his own laws. The accomplish will alpha from apathetic into exam, and the abecedary charge acquire this arrangement of development. These acute artistic moments, will appear alone already in child’s activity time. Not alone the adolescent who has to beam and convenance to be able acknowledge his hidden potentialities, but the abecedary additionally has to beam and cerebration every moment aback the adolescent manifests his absorption of some new things or appearance some ataxia behavior that ability be acquired by the ambiance or his close problems. If this activity goes in accustomed and able way, the adolescent can acquire concentration, body his assured and will feel annoyed aback the can beat one conquest. Then, a success animal actuality with acceptable personalities will be created, because he has the opportunities to analyze and manifests his potentialities during his acute period.

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