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 You are to baddest one of the afterward three alert questions and compose an article of no beneath than 800 words—or, roughly, 3 abounding pages, bifold spaced, admeasurement 12 Times New Roman font, accepted margins— and no added than 1,200 words (roughly 5 abounding pages   Q.1) According to Saint Augustine, how is the apple ordered, and what does such adjustment advance about the attributes of God? One would do able-bodied to accede the following: Plotinus’ angle of the One; arising against voluntary, admiring conception ex nihilo; The Great Chain of Being; actuality as intelligibility; the abstract cachet of nothingness.  Q.2) What is the botheration of angry in Saint Augustine's thought? Accede some or all of the afterward in your response: both types of angry (natural and moral, which is to say, angry as denial of good/intelligibility and moral evil), the chargeless will and its corruption, airy about-face rather than bald analysis of knowledge, Augustine's estimation of the Fall of Man, Augustine's angle of babies, the Great Chain of Actuality as a bureaucracy of values; pride; the attributes of sin; aboriginal sin; loves, both ordered and disordered, and the acute acumen amid altar of adulation as ‘used’ against ‘enjoyed.  Q.3) Saint Augustine identifies himself as a Neo-Platonist, afterward in the attitude of Socrates and Plato (as able-bodied as Plotinus); in what way is Augustine’s anticipation agnate to, altered from, and a development of or aberration from Socrates and Plato’s philosophy? Feel chargeless to focus on any feature(s) of their corresponding anticipation and action a nuanced allegory and adverse thereon. 

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