philosophy discussion 400-500 words “finish in 8 hours”

The afterward altercation has three parts: 1. Briefly explain how West interprets the existentialist terms, "despair," "absurd" and "angst" (or "anxiety") as appearance of the anarchic action that has threatened  Black communities in the U.S. 2. Based on West's appraisal of American backroom and his comment of nihilism, assay what he agency by the appellation "culture" (NOTE: you should be alert that "culture" is neither artlessly economics/ backroom nor claimed ethics like assignment ethic) 3. Highlight one way in which capitalism/ consumerism (or "market morality") has debilitated cultural buffers adjoin abnegation or contributes to abnegation in Black communities and in America as a accomplished [I animate you to action your own appearance on this matter, or alternatively, if you are relying on West's analysis, I acclaim that you action a accurate archetype from abreast ability to accompaniment West's analysis]. Reading page:  1. Sartre: Existentialism is a Humanism 42-54; Lecture addendum on Sartre 2. West: “Nihilism in Black America”

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