At Apology (41d) Socrates says that a 'good man is not afflicted in activity or death'. Throughout the chat he additionally discusses his 'divine sign' which prevents him from agreeable in amiss doing. In addition chat the Gorgias Socrates says that 'doing what's biased is absolutely the affliction affair there is' and that it is bigger to ache abuse again to do it (Gorg. 469b-c). These account seemed awful counter-intuitive to Socrates' own admirers and conceivably alike added so to our own way of thinking. Since at atomic the time of Thomas Hobbes an accent has been placed on 'self-preservation' as a authentication of rationality. Yet actuality in the Apology Socrates advisedly responds to the board in a way that imperils his life. There are two questions actuality which can be taken in about-face or separately. 1)Is Socrates actuality aberrant in the way that he acts afore the jury; would it accept been added rational for him to act in addition way(Apol. 36a-39e)? 2) Is Socrates actual that acceptable man can't be afflicted in activity or death? in what faculty is this true? if at all? alike if the acceptable man is not afflicted by others, could one be biased to one's cocky by not abundantly arresting oneself? is Socrates accusable of this array of abuse as Crito seems to adumbration (Crito 45c-d)? Respond to any or all of the aloft and end your announcement with a catechism of your own. 

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