DIRECTIONS: You will abide a absolute of 5 abstracted posts for this unit. 1) Answer any THREE of the nine questions listed below. You may aces three questions from the aforementioned affiliate or three questions from two altered chapters. It's absolutely up to you. These three posts charge accept a minimum of 100 words each. Anything beneath will aftereffect in a brand of ZERO after the achievability of a composition post. 2) Post TWO responses to alternative students' posts. The acknowledgment posts charge be amid 75-100 words. Anything beneath will aftereffect in a brand of ZERO after the achievability of a composition post. PLEASE MAKE SURE TO SUBMIT 5 SEPARATE POSTS: DO NOT ANSWER MORE THAN ONE QUESTION IN A SINGLE POST. QUESTIONS: Chapter 7: Nietzsche 1. If Nietzsche were animate today, would he call the abreast United States as actuality absolute by adept chastity or bondservant morality? Explain, and be specific. 2. Do you accede with Nietzsche’s affirmation that “every acclivity of the blazon ‘man’ has ahead been the assignment of an aloof association and so it will consistently be”? Why or why not? Chapter 8: Ortega y Gasset 3. Do you accede with Ortega’s affirmation that we are (as of 1929, back he wrote The Revolt of the Masses) active in what he calls a hyperdemocracy? Explain. 4. Who absolutely is the “ accumulation man” according to Ortega? Do you accede with his affirmation that “the accumulation crushes aggregate different, aggregate outstanding, excellent, individual, select, and choice”? Is Ortega aloof a bad-tempered snob, or is he on to something? Explain. Chapter 9: Sartre 5. What does Sartre beggarly back he says “existence precedes essence”? Do you anticipate this is a actual assuming of the animal condition? Why or why not? 6. Do you accede that if “God does not exist, aggregate is permitted?” Why or why not? 7. In what faculty is existentialism empowering, and in what faculty is it burdensome, or alike terrifying? Do you see yourself as an existentialist? Why or why not? Chapter 10: Theodore Dalrymple: 1) According to Dalrymple, what is the axiological aberration amid "depression" and "unhappiness"? Are you abiding by his argument? Why or why not?

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