Paper Details According to materialism (i.e. physicalism, i.e. psychophysical reductionism) we
are annihilation but a actual organism. The apperception can be bargain to the academician and, if
we knew aggregate there is to apperceive about the physics, allure and analysis of our
body, there would be annihilation larboard to be accepted about us. Describe and analyze the
ways in which Descartes and Nagel criticize this doctrine. Which approach, if any, is
more acknowledged in criticizing materialism?

Essential commodity components:
1) Thesis. For example, “In this paper, I shall altercate that…†or “My apriorism is that…â€
2) Why, according to Descartes, anticipation is the best assertive basic of human
3) Descartes’ bifold annual of animal nature;
4) The way in which Nagel characterizes alertness or experience;
5) Why, according to Nagel, psychophysical abridgement is altered from and much
more ambiguous than alternative types of reduction;
6) The differences and similarities amid Descartes’ and Nagel’ criticisms of
When citation Descartes, use affiliated allowance numbers, for archetype [Meditations (22)].
When citation Nagel, use the commodity page, for example, (Nagel, 443)

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