DIRECTIONS: You will abide a absolute of 5 abstracted posts for this unit. 1) Answer any THREE of the nine questions listed below. You may aces three questions from the aforementioned affiliate or three questions from two altered chapters. It's absolutely up to you. These three posts charge accept a minimum of 100 words each. Annihilation beneath will aftereffect in a brand of ZERO after the achievability of a composition post. 2) Column TWO responses to alternative students' posts. The acknowledgment posts charge be amid 75-100 words. Annihilation beneath will aftereffect in a brand of ZERO after the achievability of a composition post. PLEASE MAKE SURE TO SUBMIT 5 SEPARATE POSTS: DO NOT ANSWER MORE THAN ONE QUESTION IN A SINGLE POST. QUESTIONS: Affiliate 1: Plato’s Apologue of the Cave 1. What are some things the apologue suggests about the action of broad-mindedness or education? 2. The apologue presupposes that there is a acumen amid appearances and reality. Do you agree? Why or why not? 3. What sometimes happens to bodies back the apparition is burst and absoluteness is revealed? Can you accord an archetype from your own or a friend’s experience? Affiliate 2: Plato’s Euthyphro 4. What it is that makes Socrates "philosophical" while Euthyphro is not? 5. What sorts of questions does Socrates ask and what sorts of answers does Euthyphro give? 6. The chat ends inconclusively: Euthyphro has not been able to access at a satisfactory analogue of the pious. Does this beggarly the accomplished altercation amid Socrates and Euthyphro was a complete decay of time? Why or why not? Affiliate 3: Plato’s Apology of Socrates 7. Socrates is acclaimed for adage that "an unexamined activity is not account active for a animal being." What does he beggarly by this? What's so admired about analytical one's life? 8. Back Socrates is suggesting that his "penalty" be chargeless commons in the Prytaneum, he compares himself to the champ in an Olympic race. He says that while achievement brings the Athenians alone the actualization of success, Socrates brings the absoluteness of success. What account does Socrates anticipate he is accomplishing for the Athenians that cannot be akin by the champ of an Olympic race? How does analytical the citizens of Athens accompany them accurate success? 9. Socrates thinks that the being who is acquainted of his benightedness is wiser than the being who thinks he knows article back he doesn't. But if neither being knows anything, how can one be wiser than the other? What affectionate of acumen could Socrates be apropos to here?

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