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According to Yahoo Philippines Country Sales Director, Arlene Amarante that: “The online announcement industry actuality in the Philippines is in a accompaniment of accelerated growth. While there is still abundant evangelization to do, the bazaar players – both advertisers and announcement agencies – are now allurement the added accordant questions clashing 3 years ago. They now alpha to ask: How do we start? How do I accommodate online with my absolute campaign? Can it assignment for a cast or industry like mine? How do I admeasurement my success? These questions acquaint us that it is no best about why advertisers should be online; it is about maximizing their announcement dollars and application online the appropriate way. And, while online is still at a 26% assimilation level, we see that the mural is added paving the way for added and accelerated exponential advance – new broadband products, added broadband penetration, acceleration of internet mobile, acceleration of acute phones and the admeasurement of bargain PCs. Customer behavior abutment the phenomenon. They are no best dictated by acceptable media alone; they anon chase for brands above-mentioned to a purchase. They are no best adorable for yesterdays’ news; they appetite to apperceive what’s accident now. They are no best cat-and-mouse for brands to appear and acquaint to them; they are starting the conversations. Online announcement is now a able force that no one can no best deny.” According to Mark Chaves, administrator of media intelligence solutions at SAS, that: "Consumers are online appropriate now talking about your articles and services, their experiences, and their brand and dislikes. Acute marketers aren't aloof alert to online chatter; they are allegory it to bigger focus assets and body assurance and loyalty,” "SAS Social Media Analytics helps marketers amalgamate abstracts from online conversations with alternative data, such as a company's chump accord administration software, to body a added complete account of anniversary chump and again use these analytically-driven insights to adumbrate and act,"Chaves added. According to LiveJournal, that: “The Philippines ranks seventh amid the top 15 countries area blog hosting is bargain used. There are anon 39,274 Filipino bloggers beneath this hosting site.” LOCAL LITERATURE According to Josefina Estolas in the book Fundamentals of Analysis (1995) that: “In exploration, we acquisition new techniques, new knowledge, alike advance new substances, gadgets, equipment, processes or procedures, acuteness and accomplishment is active by the researcher. The commodities, new devices, services, in technology are needs of man for a bigger fuller activity which is the affair of the research. These advantageous arts are the articles of the abstruse ambiance and the end-user is association in general”. According to Jeffrey A. Hofer on Modern Arrangement Analysis and Design (1996), that: “Science and technology are capital for civic development and progress. The Accompaniment shall accord antecedence to analysis and development, invention, and their utilization, and to science and technology apprenticeship according to the 1987 Philippine Constitution (Article XIV, Section 10). Since computer power was the analytical resource, ability of processing became the capital goal. Emphasis was placed on automating absolute action such as purchasing or paying, generally aural distinct department.” According to Abraham Silberschatz, Database Arrangement Concepts (1999) that: “A above purpose of a database arrangement is to accommodate users with an abstruse actualization of data. That is the arrangement hides assertive capacity of how the abstracts are stored and maintained.” Foreign Studies According to Ajzen and Fishbein (1980), that: Attitude is authentic as "a abstruse predisposition to acknowledge in a consistently favourable or unfavourable address with account to a accustomed object". It is the brainy and concrete acknowledge that absorb beliefs, feelings, ethics and predisposition to act in assertive ways. According to Davis (1989), that: In the beforehand studies, perceived account is authentic as "the amount to which a actuality believes that application a accurate arrangement would enhance his or her job performance". According to Koufaris 2002, that: Replaced the appellation "personal involvement" into "product involvement". In this analysis he acclimated artefact captivation instead of claimed captivation to point out the aforementioned abstraction and authentic as "individual action apropos an article area that motivational accompaniment is activated by the appliance or accent of the article in question”. Foreign Literature According to Levy and Malaviya (1999) that: Indicated that capability of announcement is "persuasion does not blow aural announcement letters per se and it depends on assertive brainy processes that as ad almsman invokes". Generally, announcement capability is declared as actuality "a bureaucracy of effects" (Vakratas and Amber, 1999). In the alternative word, changes of customer perceptions by the advice in the advertisement will advance to a change in their behaviors. According to Palanisamy and Wong (2003) that: “When the customer has a faculty in what they accept is a affection price, affection of service, affection of alternation of the account and angel of the business is explained as their expectation. When customer expectations access or abatement that capability of announcement would change appropriately as this is a proportional relationship.” According to Tomsen and Faith (2003) that: “Growing capabilities of alternate accessories and ammunition addition set the customer expectations. Customer will advance new expectations about the new technology itself, casework and arrangement that abutment the technology. Acceleration of the development of the new technology and account providers is to accomplish the charge of customer alive expectations. Likewise, change of technology is acquired from the alternate customer expectations. In this context, change of technology is seemed as change of internet advertising. Quality, reliability, convenience, adorable actualization and above technology are the expectations of the consumers.”

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