Philippines and Mayor Vice Mayor

Antonio Pigafetta Magellan's Italian expeditionary ethnographer, went aground in 1521 to adjudge with the adjudicator of Limasawa, they sat calm in a baiter fatigued up on bank which Pigafetta alleged a balangai Barangay/ Balangai Word for baiter additionally actuality acclimated for the aboriginal assemblage of Tagalog association Barrio Colonial term, a political assemblage loyal toa bounded bang-up Heroic Leadership This allowances up their address to serve the people's needs, whether accent as egular or urgent. Ferdinand Magellan A Portuguese built-in baton of bristles Spanish ships, stumbled assimilate islands in 1521 in his chase for the advantageous spices of the Indies Enrique Slave of Magellan who alternate to Spain to complete the aboriginal ambit of the apple Reduccion Barangays were coaxed or apprenticed into towns (cabeceras) organized about a anew congenital abbey with a citizen abbot Visitas Small outlaying settlements able with a abbey to accept a visiting abbot Reduccion Cabeceras District capitals Poblaciones Towns Barrios/Barangays Villages Sitios Hamlets Bajo de la campana Beneath the abbey accretion To accompany all indios into Christian communities balo de la campana and to accurately calculation the citizenry in adjustment to aggregate the tribute, the accumulated goals of abbey and accompaniment agitated beneath abbot supervision. Muros bank Intramuros (Inside the wall) Were hordes of Spaniards, arch indios, and important institutions of abbey and Lived non-Christians, beggared datus at allowance with the new order, and Chinese as able-bodied as adopted communities. Encomiendas Granted by King Philip II Wich is the authoritative appropriate to aggregate accolade and abstract abor from amid the citizenry of a authentic bounded area, forth with the albatross to assure them and accommodate religious instruction. Polo y servicios Mobilized by the cabeza de barangay. The compulsatory 40-day activity per year rendered by accolade payers to the accompaniment Servicio Was performed by men and women and consisted abundantly of calm account in churches and convents Polo Was adamantine activity performed by men: amalgam government barrio and churches

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