Phil 3010

   Discussion 1: Science and Religion: Cultural Traditions and Contemporary Apple Views In abounding traditions—both monotheistic and polytheistic—that accept arisen in the aftermost 10,000 years, gods and goddesses accept been anthropomorphized into animal form. Yet, admitting their concrete and affecting similarities to humans, these gods are generally relegated to realms aloft and beneath the earth. In this way, bodies activity their own compassionate of the apple aloft their deities, yet advance a categorical break from them in adjustment to bottle the cabalistic attributes of the Divine. In the cessation of his book, Dr. Sharpe seeks to footfall accomplished this separation. He raises the abstraction of seeing the apple as a accomplished as a airy article and science as a way of advancing to apperceive that article better. Through this lens, he ceases to see a battle amid the two capacity of Science and Spirituality.

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