PHI208 Week 5 Final Paper (Please ahere to Instructions thoroughly)

             Week 5 - Final Cardboard               Ethical Reasoning Please apprehend these appointment instructions afore autograph your cardboard  as they accommodate actual absolute and specific instructions on both the  content and architecture requirements. You should download the provided outline and use that to anatomy your paper, and argue the appointment advice and modeled archetype for added help. Finally, afore appointment your appointment amuse use the account to ensure that you accept completed all of the requirements. Overview This advance has three accounting assignments that body aloft one accession  and are advised to booty you step-by-step through a action of autograph a  paper that identifies an ethical question, examines the context,  issues, and arguments surrounding the question, and attempts to avert  an acknowledgment to that catechism appliance able moral reasoning. In the Week 1 assignment, “Ethical Question,” you chose an ethical  question, provided an introduction, a position account and acknowledging  reason, and an opposing position account and acknowledging reason. In the Week 3 assignment, “Applying an Ethical Theory,” you explained  utilitarianism, deontology, or advantage ethics, including its amount moral  principle or ideal, and activated that approach to the affair by  demonstrating how its attempt would abutment a accurate position on  your ethical question. In this final accounting assignment, you will amalgamate what you accept done  in these two contest by analytical an ethical affair and arresting your  own position on an ethical catechism apropos that issue. This final accounting appointment should be accounting in article anatomy with the afterward acutely labeled sections: Introduction Ethical Argument Explanation and Defense Objection and Response Conclusion The cardboard should be amid 1,300 and 1,500 words, advance three  scholarly resources, and accommodate a appellation folio and advertence page. Part 1: Introduction In this area of the paper, you will activate with your ethical  question, acquaint the affair and paper, and abutting with a apriorism  statement. The ethical catechism may be the aforementioned as your Week 3 accounting  assignment (“Applying an Ethical Theory”) or a revised adaptation of it. The accession should be revised in a way that reflects your added cerebration on the affair and question. End this area with a apriorism account that states your position  on the affair (the acknowledgment to the ethical catechism you accept is  strongest) and provides a abrupt arbitrary of the capital account you will be  presenting in the paper. Amuse see the appointment advice for examples  of apriorism statements. Place the accession beneath the Part 1: Accession heading. Part 2: Ethical Argument In this area of the paper, you will present the arch altercation  you can in abutment of the position you accept declared in your  introduction. This will be agnate to the “supporting reasons” you offered in the  first assignment; however, this altercation should reflect your analysis  into the key ethical issues that charge to be articular and addressed,  the arguments on altered abandon of this problem, and the theories of  moral acumen we accept advised in the chic (you will altercate the  specific capacity and implications of the moral theories in the abutting two  sections). You can anticipate of this as a arbitrary of the capital altercation you would  give if you were an advocate aggravating to argue a board of your position. Place this advice beneath the Part 2: Ethical Altercation heading. Part 3: Explanation and Defense In this section, you will explain and avert your altercation by cartoon  on the moral approach that aligns best carefully with the altercation you  presented in Part 2. This may be the aforementioned approach you discussed in your  second assignment, but it may additionally be a altered theory. You charge aboriginal explain the approach in accepted agreement agnate to how  you explained a approach in your added assignment, including a abrupt  account of the actual accomplishments of the approach and the  philosopher(s) associated with it and accepted overview of the amount moral  ideal or assumption of the theory, including the way it guides and  constrains moral reasoning. You should again acutely appearance how your altercation represents an appliance of that anatomy of moral reasoning. In alternative words, if the altercation you present in Part 2 is  utilitarian, deontological, or virtue-based (teleological), you will  want to explain utilitarianism, deontology, or advantage belief in accepted  terms, again explain how your altercation from Part 2 reflects or draws aloft  the amount attempt and belief of that theory. Amuse accredit to the Week  3 appointment instructions for admonition on how to explain and administer  the moral theory. Place this area beneath the Part 3: Explanation and Aegis heading. Part 4: Altercation and Response In this area of the paper, you will present the arch  objection you can to your argument, and briefly avert that altercation by  appealing to a altered ethical approach than the one you focused on in  Part 3. Briefly explain the amount moral ideal or assumption of the approach and  how that could be the base of an altercation to your argument. For  instance, if you explained and dedicated your own altercation by applying  the attempt of advantage ethics, you could accession an altercation from the  perspective of advantage by briefly answer the amount commonsensical  principle and how applying that assumption could advance accession to a  different cessation than the one you are defending. Next, you should acknowledge to the altercation by answer why it is  not able abundant to attenuate the capital altercation in aegis of your  position. See the appointment advice for suggestions on how to finer acknowledge to the objection. Place this area beneath the Part 4: Altercation and Response heading. Part 5: Conclusion In this area of the paper, accommodate a arbitrary of what you accept done  in the cardboard by briefly anecdotic what you able in anniversary of the  above sections. Place this area beneath the Part 5: Cessation heading. Resource Requirement You charge use at atomic three bookish resources, alone one of which  may be the textbook. In alternative words, you charge use at atomic two bookish  resources in accession to the textbook. Acceptable means of appliance a antecedent accommodate accouterment a quotation,  summary, or paraphrase; alone accouterment a citation, abnormally back it  is cryptic how or area the altercation supports your claim, is not sufficient. If you charge advice with award added assets or are borderline  about whether a accurate ability will calculation against the requirement,  please acquaintance your instructor. For sources to calculation against the assets requirement, they charge be  cited aural the altercation of your cardboard and on the advertence page. Sources  that are listed on the references folio but not cited aural the cardboard do  not calculation against accomplishing the assets requirement. In your paper, Introduce the affair and paper. Provide a apriorism statement. Present an altercation in abutment of the position. Defend the altercation by answer and applying the ethical approach that best carefully aligns with the argument. Present an altercation to the altercation by ambrosial to a altered ethical theory. Respond to the objection. Provide a cessation that describes what was able in anniversary of the sections of the paper. The Ethical Acumen Final Paper Must be 1,300 to 1,500 words in breadth (not including appellation and  references pages) and formatted according to APA appearance as categorical in  the Ashford Autograph Center’s APA Appearance  (Links to an alien site.)Links to an alien site.resource. Must accommodate a abstracted appellation folio with the following:  Title of paper Student’s name Course name and number Instructor’s name Date submitted

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