Pharmacy Technician Activities

 nswer the afterward questions in 2 pages. 1. Identify what you anticipation you would acquaintance during the aboriginal two (2) weeks of the rotation, including your goals and objectives, and analyze to your absolute experience. 2. Summarize your activities and adventures during the aboriginal two (2) weeks of the rotation. 3. Describe at atomic one (1) archetype of behaviors or characteristics you empiric amid the pharmacy advisers and how they absolutely or abnormally affect the commitment of services. 4. Describe at atomic one (1) alternation amid pharmacy advisers and anniversary of the afterward healthcare professionals: Physician; Nurse. Include your thoughts on what you accepted to see as compared to how the alternation absolutely occurred, a desсrіption of the aftereffect and your thoughts on how the alternation could accept been improved. 5. 6. Identify at atomic one (1) breadth of pharmacy convenance you alternate in that was covered in pharmacy coursework during your P1 year. 7. Identify specific goals for the final two (2) weeks of the rotation. 

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