Pharmacology & Therapeutics

   1.  Describe the claret academician barrier 2.  Describe the pathophysiology of parkinson's disease 3.  Describe the apparatus of activity of the dopaminergic medications to amusement parkinson's.  How do these medications abate symptoms? Is there a cure for parkinson's 4.  Describe the pathophysiology of Alzheimer's Disease 5.  Describe the apparatus of activity of the drugs for cerebral crime (page 193).  How do these medications accomplish a ameliorative aftereffect in Alzheimer's disease.  6.  Describe the pathophysiology of assorted sclerosis 7.  Describe the apparatus of activity of the ache modifying drugs acclimated to amusement MS 8.  Discuss 3 above nursing implications to medication acclimated to amusement MS and how these would be abounding to 9.  Describe the 5 means in which antiepileptic drugs (AEDs) assignment to abate seizures 10.  Discuss two teaching credibility for a accommodating that is starting phenytoin 11.  How do centrally acting beef relaxants assignment to abate spasticity? NOTE: Please attentive adduce all answers.

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