pharmacology & Therapeutics

 Why are SSRIs adopted to benzodiazepines for the analysis of anxiety?  How does Zolpidem assignment to abet sleep? Should this medication be acclimated continued term? Is melatonin safe to use continued appellation for sleep? How does it abet sleep? How continued does it booty to booty effect?  What is the apparatus of activity of the two above groups of antipsychotic drugs?   What are extrapyramidal affection (EPS)? How are these treated?   What is neuroleptic cancerous syndrome? How is this treated? Name three teaching credibility for the accommodating starting fluoxetine.  What are the analytic manifestations of tricyclic antidepressent balance (toxicity)? How is this managed? Are the comestible and medication interactions with MAOIs? Why are these restricted? What are the adverse furnishings of lithium acclimated to amusement bipolar ataxia at accustomed and boundless levels? What teaching credibility would you use to advice the accommodating break aural accustomed lithium levels? Name the three classes of drugs acclimated to amusement bipolar.  What aspect of the ache do these drugs anniversary treat? (pg 370)

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