Pharmacology Case Study

APA 6th copy format. At atomic 3 associate advised references beneath than 5 years old.  Cited in text.  Pharmacology Case Study A 63 years old adipose changeable presents with 4 to 5 months history of mid-epigastric affliction that is worse afterwards eating. She is clumsy to analyze any specific foods that may be triggering the symptoms. She denies boundless gas, denies abhorrence of aliment or a baptize brash. She has accustomed circadian bowel movements but states that sometimes her stools are actual dark. She denies abhorrence and vomiting. She has no antecedent history of these affection and they are acceptable confusing in her circadian life. She has been demography TUMs, “like they are candy.” Past Medical History: surgical menopause at age 35 accessory to endometriosis, hypertension (HTN), diabetes mellitus Type II, aberrant obesity, dyslipidemia. Surgical History: T&A as child, absolute belly hysterectomy with mutual salpingo-oophorectomy, appendectomy, cholecystectomy. Her medication dieting includes Premarin 0.625mg q day, lisinopril 10mg q day, metformin 500mg bid, and atorvastatin 40mg q HS. VS: BP 145/94, P 90, R 18, T 98.2. The patient’s acme is 5’4” and her weight is 225 lbs., appropriately her BMI is 38.6.  Physical assay is aural accustomed limits. Questions for response: 1. What added history would you like for this patient? 2. If you plan to alpha biologic analysis today a. what is your choice, the dose, and the continuance of the treatment? b. what are some alternatives to this choice c. what is your account for this choice 3. What accident factors for this accommodating will adviser your choice? 4. Are there any above drug-to-drug interactions, ancillary furnishings or adverse reactions to this drug? Provide accommodating apprenticeship apropos the use of this drug. Besides biologic therapy, are there any alternative interventions you would accede or recommend? 

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