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 hi dear,  can advice me to accomplishment this appointment with acceptable affection and be on time please? I aloof charge to 2 responses to the Discussions, and about 100 words for anniversary responses. 1.   There are abounding accepted abiding diseases some of which can be bigger and/or maintained with concrete activity.  For example, diabetes and blubber are two altitude that can be clearly bigger with a concrete action routine.  Many bodies with diabetes are able to administer their ache by dieting and appliance abandoned rather than demography medication.  Obesity is addition abiding action that can be bigger with exercise although it can sometimes booty a lot of effort, coaching, and action anybody should accept some blazon of concrete action whenever possible.  The allowances of approved exercise can abate risks for affection attack, weight gain, aerial cholesterol, diabetes, aerial claret burden and alike some cancers (Physical Action - It's Important, 2018).  The WHO (World Health Organization) recommends 30 account of concrete action circadian forth with a advantageous diet (Physical Inactivity a arch account of ache and disability, warns WHO, 2018).  Eating a advantageous diet does not beggarly you accept to stop bistro what you like, but bistro in balance forth with convalescent choices is best. Research has apparent concrete action to be benign and it has become added of an action tool.  Research is generally challenged to accommodate a authentic and reliable admeasurement that is able and meets the catechism or architecture of the research.  Questionnaires are best accepted and are alone abased on the participants but acutely are accounted to be inconsistent.  However, they are amount effective, simpler to use and added authentic (Sylvia L.) . 2.   Five abiding diseases that can be absolutely afflicted by approved accord in approved concrete action are; cardiovascular disease, blazon 2 diabetes, obesity, colon blight & prostate blight (Durstine, 2013). The two accept called to call are cardiovascular ache and blazon 2 diabetes. Cardiovascular ache includes the afterward diseases coronary affection disease, cerebrovascular disease, borderline arterial disease, arthritic affection diseases, complete affection disease, abysmal attitude occlusion & pulmonary array (Durstine, 2013). Cardiovascular ache is additionally the best accepted abiding ache in the apple (Durstine, 2013). One affair in accepted with patients that accept cardiovascular ache is patients are physically inactive. Aback abacus concrete action and diet to patients with cardiovascular disease, their affection abatement (Durstine, 2013). Blazon 2 diabetes is actual accepted in the United States as able-bodied about 24 actor bodies had diabetes in the year 2009 (Durstine, 2013).  When abacus approved concrete action to blazon 2 diabetes patients, affection advance as able-bodied as bloodshed and morbidity.  Some of the pros I accept appear beyond aback logging abstracts about my concrete action are; aggravating to consistently out due myself, bargain and almost accessible to do. Some of the cons about befitting a log are; it can be inaccurate unless done digitally. Addition that could be a pro and a con is if I was to be abeyant for a few weeks and looked at a antecedent log I would get affronted with myself to see how far I’ve collapsed abaft but at the aforementioned time it could actuate me to get aback to those numbers. Thanks,

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