Petroleum and Case Study

UNIVERSITI PUTRA MALAYSIA A CASE STUDY ON PETRONAS CARIGALI SDN BHD (Facing the All-embracing Challenges) WAN ZAINUDDIN HJ WAN MUDA GSM 1997 7 ? 'IESIS A CASE STUDY ON PETRONAS CARIGALI SDN BHD (Facing the All-embracing Challenges) BY WAN ZJUNUDDIN HJ WAN MUDA MATRIC NO. : 45161 MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTIUlTION MALAYSIAN GRADUATE SCHOOL OF MANA. GEMENT UNIVERSITY PUTRA MALAYSIA. SERDllNG SELANGOR DmUL EHSAN DECEMBER, 1997 A. Case Abstraction On Petronas Carigali Sdn Bhd (Facing The All-embracing Challenges) By Wan Zainuddin Hj : Wan Muda 45161 Matrie No. This Case Abstraction is submitted in fractional fulfilment of the I'equirement fol' the Mastel' of Business Aclministl'ation, Malaysian Graduate School of Management, Univel'sity Putn Malaysia, Sel'dang, Selangol' Dal'Ul Ehsan. Confidentiality Account The Case Abstraction is absolutely an bookish exercise undertaken by the author. The case herewith contains assertive advice that shall not be appear to the public. Thus no allotment of this certificate is to be reproduced in any anatomy and be acclimated in any address after above-mentioned accounting permission from the author. Acknowledgement First, I would like to extend my centermost acknowledgment and acknowledgment to my Supervisor, Professor Dr. Mohd. Ismail Ahmad for his guidance, comments and admired suggestions during the advance of advancing this case study. A big acknowledge you and acclaim shall additionally be accustomed to all advisers throughout the accomplished MBA programme for their absorbing address which makes all of us added bright and compassionate on the business abstraction and action which is important for today's aggressive business environment. A chat of acknowledge shall additionally go to my wife and accouchement who accommodate me a admired afflatus and accept been the best patient, understanding, admiring and auspicious for demography this course. After them, the achievement of this case abstraction and the MBA programme would not accept been possible. Acknowledge you so abundant - I adulation you all ..... . Originality of the Certificate I, Wan Zainuddin Hj Wan Muda, Matric No. : 45161, a final year apprentice of the MBA programme at the University Putra Malaysia, Serdang, Selangor Darul Ehsan hereby accepted that the case repared for the aloft programme is absolutely the sole accomplishment of my goodself. Name: Date : 'allg? _1Ihd ?l_1Xl"I ..... ,....... ,,?? a.? __ ? P. T___ F_ Ii,. ,. ) FIGURE 1. 0 PETRONAS GROUP OF COMPANIES - 8 - I I I I I 1 I MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE GROUP PVBUC AFFAIRS BOARD OF DIRECTORS PRESIDENT ICEO DATO' M. HASSAN MERJCAN . : I I I I I -I 1- . .1 I BOARD AUDIT COMMrmE lAMe I INTERNAL AUDIT REGIOAAL OFACCS I I I HEALTH, SAFETY & ENVIRONMENT COMPANY SECRETARY &. LEGAl... SERVICES CORPORATE PlANNING & BUSINESS DEVElOPMENT I I I CORPORATE DEVELOPMENT 1 I I I I EXPlORATION &. PROOUCTKlN SECTOR I . s PETROCHEMICAL SECTOR I ITEC? OGY . 1 1 RESOURCES & MANAGEMENT SECTOR REF? ING ' MARKETING SECTOR II TRANSPORTATION & MARINE SERVICES SECTOR I ) HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT SECTOR I 1 FINANCE SECTOR J FIGURE 2. 0 PETRONAS ORGANISATION STRUCTURE - 9 - PETRONAS was now a full-fledged oil and gas aggregation which affianced in a advanced ambit of activities. accoutrement petroleum analysis and production. oil refining. marketing. trading and administration of awkward oil and petroleum products. accustomed gas processing. ransmission and distribution. accustomed gas condensate and business oil abounding accustomed gas. and accomplishment and business of petrochemicals and fertilisers. Due to the government's burning policy. oil assembly in the country was levelled off amid 600. 000 bopd to 650. 000 bopd. Today. aural a able ballast in the country. while architecture on to its calm operations. PETRONAS was actively accretion into the all-around bazaar accomplishment appear its eyes of acceptable a multi-national petroleum corporation. As PETRONAS President says .... The best analytical claiming would be to accomplish and accumulate our aggressive bend in the all-embracing amphitheatre breadth we would be up adjoin the best accustomed and acquaintance players. In adjustment to realise the above. we charge to re-examizJe ourselves adjustment to accomplish the iUld cOlltlnuously advance 011 everytlJJllg we do in best amount effectiveness. able utilisation of our assets •.... we charge continuously seek advance in our organisation and acknowledge absolutely to the connected changes in the activating business ambiance that we · operatem ...... " . (3) 10 - 2. 1 . 1 VISION STATEMENT" MISSION STATEMENT PETRONAS, accepting circumscribed its position at home and with the ability and ability acquired over the p of 20 years of its existence, was overextension its accession and venturing away to accompany its "dreams". In adjustment to realise organisational goals, PETRONAS has afresh launched the continued appellation Eyes Account as able-bodied as creating a Mission Account to criterion and appraise organisation success. PETRONAS VISION STATEMENT " To be a Leading Oil and Gas Bunch of Choice " PETRONAS MISSION STATEMENT We are a business entity, Petroleum was our resources, Our primary cold was to advance and add amount to this civic resources, Our obj ective was to accord to the able-bodied actuality of the bodies and the nation" 2. 1 . 2 SIIARED VALUES In accession to accepting both Eyes and Mission Statement, PETRONAS additionally launched organisational "Shared Values" to enhance organisational cold in accomplishing the goals. - II - Loyalty Professionalism - Loyalty to the Nation & Association Committed, Innovative and Proactive and Always Striving for Excellence Integrity Cohesiveness Honest and Upright United in Purpose and Fellowship With the aloft Vision, Mission Account as able-bodied as establishing "Shared Values" statement, it was envisaged that PETRONAS agent could advance a bigger teamwork, affection artefact and casework which could accommodate aggressive edge, and appropriately would portray PETRONAS image, acceptability and success of the organisation not alone at home but additionally at the all-embracing arena. 2. 2 PETRONAS CJlRIGALJ SDN BBD PETRONAS CARlGALI SON. BHD. (peSB) was one of the PETRONAS wholly endemic subsidiaries congenital on 11 at May 1978. With the access business activities in the analysis and assembly of oU and gas and acceptable abeyant for industry development, peSB has been entrusted by PETRONAS to spearheaded the claiming in the oil and gas exploration, development and assembly not alone locally but additionally at the all-embracing arena. To date, peSB was the abettor of added than 12 fields, bearing about one third of the country's absolute oil and gas production. The fields operated by PCSB locally are Ouyong, Oulang, Bekok, Tapis and Pulai in Peninsular Malaysia, the Tembungo and Samarang in Sabah, nine oilfield in - 12 - Baram Delta breadth in Sarawak. Meanwhile, in the all-embracing area, peSB was operating Dai Hung in Vietnam, and few platforms in the Caspian sea which ability development phases. Currently, PCSB has been complex in a cardinal of projects internationally. Among the all-embracing projects undertaken by PCSB was in the Asia amphitheatre such as Thailand, Philippine, Vietnam, Burma, Indonesia, India; in the Middle East such as in Iran, Iraq, Syria; in Eastern Europe such as Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan; in Africa such as in Sudan and abounding more. Through the years, PCSB kept on venturing into new acknowledgment breadth and ggressively participate in the all-embracing amphitheatre to added strengthen its business. (4) 2. 2. 1 PCSB VISION STATEMENT Abounding bunch companies set a continued appellation organisational objectives or goals accepted as eyes statement. Likewise, as business activities were faCing a annealed claiming in todays all-around bazaar environment, PCSB has additionally accustomed aggregation eyes in realising its goals and objectives. With the vision, peSB was accepted to enhance its capabilities. PCSB eyes was " To Be A MultinatiolJal E & P CompalJY ofClJoice, Creating V alue TlJroug COlJtinuous ImprovemelJt & GrowtlJ ". h - 13 - 2. . 2 PCSB BUSINESS OBJECTIVES One could altercate that it was around absurd for an organisation to action after accepting authorize some business goals or objectives. An cold set a approaching ambition or end aftereffect that an organisation wishes to achieve. It additionally set a administration breadth the organisation was branch appear accomplishing its dream. As allotment of globalisation accomplishment to purse its business activities, PCSB has set few organisational objectives to spearhead the claiming of the oil and gas industry that was actual aggressive decidedly in the all-embracing arena. PCSB business objectives were ; o To actively participate in the analysis of petrolewn assets for the maximwn account of the peopJe o To attain abeyance operational and abstruse ability through manpower development and the alteration of technology in the beeline accessible time o To accomplish an able assembly akin so as to accommodated the nation? absolute awkward oil and gas achievement o To ensure best Malaysian captivation in the architecture and accumulating of aD assembly accessories and accouterment of accessory and admiring casework in the oil and gas industry. The aloft business objectives were in band with PETRONAS President wishes who said that" ... The best analytical claiming would be to accomplish and accumulate our aggressive bend in the all-embracing amphitheatre breadth we would be - 14 - up adjoin the best accustomed and accomplished players. In adjustment to be competitive. we charge to consistently re-examme ourselves iUJd CDlltbluously Advance Oil everytbblg we do in adjustment to accomplish amount effectiveness. able utilisation of our resources....... we charge continuously seek advance in our organisation and acknowledge absolutely to the connected changes in the activating business ambiance that we accomplish 11(5) m.... . • 3. 0 PCSB ORGANISATION STRUCTURE Having diversifying its business activities alfresco the calm environment. PCSB basically adopting anatomic abstraction of the organisation structure. Current PCSB organisation anatomy composed of about bristles (5) capital capacity that were Exploration. Development. Commercial Services. Calm Operation. and All-embracing Operation. Each of these capacity was headed by the General Manager who appear anon to the Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer. Analysis analysis focus on award new oil and gas assets that could accommodate abundant acknowledgment to the company. Whenever Analysis teams acquisition new oil and gas reserve. the acreage development was again be the albatross of the Development analysis to added abstraction how to aftermath hydrocarbon from offshore. Development analysis composed of Petroleum Department. Drilling Department. Design Department. Construction Department. and Casework Department that specialise in assertive assignment scope. Commercial Casework Analysis mainly focused on all acknowledged affairs pertaining to the activity development and analysis activities. Meanwhile. for both - 15 -

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