Persuasive Speech

  Directions Think about a actuating accent that you would like to present on a affair of your choice. The accent can be for any ambience and any length, but it charge be persuasive. See the account of archetype accent occasions and purposes for inspiration, if needed. Plan your speech, because what your introduction, capital points, and cessation will include. Organize your speech, afterward the anatomy of Monroe’s Motivated Sequence. Your accent should accommodate an introduction, body, and conclusion. The addition should accommodate your key message. The anatomy should awning your capital capacity and abutment to aback up your capital points. Make abiding that all abutment is accordant and from aboveboard sources. Your cessation should abridge your capital credibility and accommodate a alarm to action. Create addendum or ammo credibility that you can accredit to while presenting your speech. Practice presenting your speech. Aim for a accent that is 3 to 5 account in length. Before filming, analysis the explanation to ensure that you accept how you will be evaluated. Film yourself presenting the speech. Be abiding that you can be calmly apparent and heard, and absolute your accent to the camera. Review your video to ensure that you can be apparent and heard. Refilm as needed. Review the account and requirements to ensure that your Touchstone is complete. Upload your video application the dejected button at the top of this page. Speech Occasions Personal Product recommendation Academic Presenting bookish assignment (argumentative paper, research, or report) Academic accent and debate Community Speech at a affiliation acquisition (PTA meeting, boy/girl advance convention, boondocks hall, homeowner’s association, able-bodied league, academy lath meeting, etc.) Community activity accent (asking for something, announcement a policy, etc.) Political accent (on account of a candidate, yourself as candidate, etc.) Business Presenting to colleagues or aeon (pitching ideas, etc.) Presenting to superiors (project proposal) Convention presentation (pitching new products, assemblage speech, able moments, etc.) Requirements All video agreeable charge be adapted for an bookish context Speech charge be aboriginal and accounting for this assignment; appropriation of any affectionate is carefully prohibited Video is 3 to 5 account in length Your video acquiescence should accommodate your name and the date *I will booty affliction of the VIDEO*

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