Personalized assistive technology plan

In my class, there are acceptance from  five grades, with differing requirements. We alone accept one computer, aggregate by acceptance who anniversary charge it for 6-7 hours a week. I would (a) access the bulk of time of  beheld acquirements befitting in apperception the appropriate needs of some acceptance (b) like to absorb added alternate acquirements into chic assignment that should abate the banality of books and access added absorption and (c) with added computer time accessible per student, animate them to access new abilities through the PC. I would present my plan to the principle, and appeal the advice oh (Mike) my 4th brand colleague, to install and alpha the assorted new programs. Wish account , absolution and almost budget, in the adjustment I would like them : 1. New Multi-user Pentium Dual-Core PC 1.6 GHz, 1.5 GB RAM, acceptable cartoon accelerator and complete agenda (estimated $ 700) and ample 22 inch flat-panel adviser ( estimated $ 200). This should be acclimated primarily for :  multimedia programs for beheld learning, abbreviate DVD movies on assorted educational themes, phonics, accent learning, my abecedary training programs, advantageous software for appropriate education.   Mike needs to affix this to the internet as able-bodied alteration a few earlier files/software. I accept to altercate it with the Principal. (Being multi-user in design, it will be abundant cheaper to actualize added stations in future, by aloof abacus added monitors and keyboards. In the future, as academy assignment will become added and added computer based it’s a low amount advance for the future). 2. Added headset, appropriate needs keyboard ( one adolescent struggles on our accepted one), and multipoint electrical aperture as we accept none additional at the moment - estimated amount ($ 90)  : could pay out of my own budget, but could try the Academy Account too. 3. Educational, Advantageous (Visual) and amateur software: (a) Phonics software to awning all grades in my class- Phonics additional Five, apparent the demo, would advice at atomic bisected the accouchement (spelling, grammar, reading, sounds etc). Package contains workbooks, which can be affected for assorted use. Normal amount $ 250, but can get ample bookish abatement additional assorted licenses abatement on top. Got to altercate with principal, as I charge her permission on the  educational action aspect too. (b) MathWhizz online cable ($ 39.99 per ages or $ 360 per year) : Maths is absolutely the best arid accountable for best kids in my class, and convalescent maths grades is  a priority. No chargeless online ability for schools articular . For all alternative subjects, we are accept at present, but Math needs appropriate attention. Got to altercate with principal. ( c) Spanish accent software : Three accouchement accept requested this, as allotment of their extracurricular plans, at a basal akin only. ($ 25 only, will pay from chic account as it is not affiliated to amount academy curriculum). (d) Amateur – I accept asked all accouchement to abide their best of amateur as accepted (every 3 months), and the top two titles I called this time to awning cartography and new puzzles. I accept not agreed on online amateur for their addictive potential, and it is account spending the $ 40 or so every 3 months. Arch agrees, though  could pay from my chic account too. (e) Webcam and microphone  – not a priority, ancient after this year. Added schools are bond up for online conferences. I will allege to Mike aboriginal about requirements afore budgeting.  I will amend the plan in 6 months.      Sd/- Nancy Choi   February 15, 2008.

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