Personal Trainer questions. Choose only ONE of the following and write a 250 word essay response. ORIGINAL WORK ONLY!!

  Choose one of the acquirements adventures beneath and address a 250-word article response. 1.  Define the three action pathways. For anniversary pathway, analyze two  exercises that advance the pathway. If you were training to run a  marathon, which alleyway would be the focal point of your training? What  types of activities would you absorb into your chase training  and why? How will an compassionate of action pathways advice you in your  future training endeavors? 2.  Compare and adverse the body's physiological responses to aerobic  training and anaerobic training. What adaptations charge the anatomy abide  if either of the training protocols are performed alone for over a  year? How will an compassionate of aerobic and anaerobic training advice  you in your approaching training endeavors? 3. Analyze six accepted joints in the anatomy and account the following: Joint name Joint classification Anatomical description in affiliation to the sternum (e.g. anterior, distal, etc.) Example exercise / movement that utilizes the joint In  addition, analyze a movement / exercise that utilizes three or added  joints. Account the movement / exercise as able-bodied as the joints that are  involved in the movement. How will an compassionate of joints advice you  in your approaching training endeavors? 4.  Identify an action that primarily utilizes blazon I beef fibers. What  is the archetypal anatomy blazon of individuals who consistently accomplish this blazon  of activity? How would you alternation the anatomy to bigger accomplish this  activity? Do the aforementioned for blazon IIa and blazon IIx beef fibers. How will  an compassionate of beef cilia types advice you in your approaching training  endeavors?

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