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FAFM :Personal Learning Cardboard FAFM :Personal Learning Paper: SESSIONS : 28 DATE : 15. 11. 12- 01. 02. 13 Learning’s From FAFM: * 1st Class starts with ice breaking and advance plan for accessible affair * Infosys anniversary address - How to apprehend the anniversary address * Analyze with antecedent year anniversary address – allotment change year by year. * Auditor address – is the anniversary address is as per AS and rules followed as per standards * Corporate babyminding – affairs abounding by admiral and aliment of annal * Notes on accounts – abrupt about the agreeable in the antithesis area * Bazaar allotment – amount of a aggregation in the bazaar CXO Duties – which includes CEO, CFO, CMO * How to analyze with alternative companies and to chronicle with bazaar * And additionally saw the anniversary address of RIL , ITC , TATA Motors * Introduction to Banking assay * How to do banking assay * Tools and Techniques * Case Discussion * Gemini Electronics * Banknote Breeze Annual – will appearance the clamminess of the breeze of banknote in a aggregation * Operating Activities – what are all the costs will appear beneath this, for affairs , distributing etc. , * Investing Activities - what are all the costs will appear beneath this, advance in alternative companies or shares etc. * Financing Activities - what are all the costs will appear beneath this, assets etc * Banknote arrival and out breeze * How an Assets annual and Antithesis area differs from Banknote Breeze Annual * Lehman Brother Aggregation * Movie about the aggregation * About Lehman Brother aggregation * Bankruptcy Identification * Ratios – solvency ratio, clamminess ratio, ability ratio, advantage arrangement * Horizontal & vertical Assay of Antithesis area and Assets annual – how to analyze and adverse the accustomed numbers * Z – annual adding and assay Cariboo Industrial ltd * Corporate Fraud * Z- annual – to adumbrate the amount of the aggregation in approaching as it will sustain in the bazaar financially or not. * Liquidation and appraisal * Banking Annual analysis * Thaifoon Restaurant * Projected Assets annual – acceptance of approaching assets or acquirement * Projected Antithesis area – it abide of all except the net accumulation as it is abounding of assumptions * Seating arrange – hardly operations accompanying * Accommodation authoritative – analytical cerebration of apperception to go with or to bead it * Sales bump Banking Mathematics * EMI Adding – annual absorption and assumption payment. Assumption amount will access & absorption will get decreased. * EPS adding * Intrinsic Amount – Approaching amount of bazaar amount of a aggregation * Bond Appraisal * Simple Absorption & Compound Absorption Adding * Banking Markets * Indian Banking System – abounding blueprint with area astute divided. * Banal Markets * Case: Motilal Oswal IPO Case * Apprentice about IPO- what will be the companies amount to access into ipo. How the accommodation is taken * clandestine disinterestedness shares, IPO basics & need, anchored amount action & basics of book architecture action * Book architecture process: Cut off price, adjustment of Dutch auction, RII, NII, QII, over subscription, case – Midfield Industries Ltd, ASBA, prospectus, action and clandestine adjustment * Primary Bazaar – New affair of shares in the bazaar * Secondary Bazaar – Buying & affairs of shares * Beneath & over cable – area the cable of allotment is aerial or low * Banal Markets – functions of SEBI , RBI , BSE , NSE. Also apprentice about assorted banal markets in alternative countries * Sensex , Nifty , Otci – orgin , sustain , end of otci * Demat annual * Difference amid disinterestedness allotment and alternative allotment * 24hrs bazaar – ends in one country and the bazaar starts in alternative country * Commercial affidavit * Treasury bills – apprenticed for money * Money Market: Harshad Mehta scam, assorted scams in Indian banking history, organized & alternate money markets and treasury bills & its types * Case: Harshad Mehta Betray * Apprentice about there will not be any betray in allotment market. What are the approach played to backpack the amount * How a being can be countered by his competitors * How big shots advice them to comedy in bazaar and acquire money * Money Market: Commercial papers, alarm money market, affidavit of deposits, derivatives – banking & commodities, players, advanced & approaching contract, premium, bang price, bang abstracts and alarm & put advantage * Forex Market: Indian forex market, features, adjustment of transaction, quotations, types of transactions, factors free barter amount * Finally the advance has been completed with how to present in the exam Additional Learning’s * Daily Business Quiz * News cardboard account – accomplish me to apperceive some new departments action and appraisal * Mini Projects for business * Apperceive about DBF * IRDA * BAT

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