Personal Leadership Training Plan: Experience PPT

 EXPERIENCE PPT INSTRUCTIONS BELOW     Personal Leadership Training Plan: Experience  Attached are Units II, IV, and V, you contributed to the Personal Leadership Training Plan and focused on attributes, knowledge, and skills.  In this unit, you will add EXPERIENCE to your plan.  Within your presentation, acknowledge to the afterward points:  1.Explain the blazon of adventures you accept had that will accomplish you a able leader.   2. Explain and appraise your acquaintance with authoritative change. (This can be from your employer, club, abbey group, or ancestors unit.) How did you facilitate the change, and was it successful? 3. How can you use Kotter's 8-Step Process for authoritative change during your approaching career?  Your completed PowerPoint presentation charge be a minimum of 10 slides in length, not counting the appellation and advertence slides. Additionally, a minimum of three peer-reviewed or bookish assets charge be used. Keep the argument on the slides concise, and use the addendum area to absolutely explain your ideas. All sources acclimated charge be cited and referenced according to APA style. 

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