Personal Leadership and Career: Becoming a Total Leader

Some bodies are built-in leaders and some bodies become leaders by acquirements to lead. Acquirements to advance helps you to acquire leadership, advance administration adeptness and abound as a baton (Adair J, 1988.).

This address describes my claimed and able administration development. Aboriginal breadth focuses on analytical analysis of the commodity to become a Absolute Leader. Second breadth reflects on my 360-degree acknowledgment and third breadth summarises what abstracts I undertook to advance my compassionate of administration and career accompanying competencies during October ’09 to March ’10.


“Be a Bigger Leader, Acquire a Richer Life” – Commodity by Stewart D. Friedman

Stewart Friedman is a assistant of administration at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton Academy of Business. He runs a programme alleged “Total Leadership” at the Wharton Business School, at companies and workshops about the word.

Essence of “Be a Bigger Leader, Acquire a Richer Life” commodity revolves about his abstraction of Absolute Leadership. It is all about actuality a acceptable baton by developing the adeptness to acquire and administer yourself better. Friedman emphasises that amalgam work, home, association and self, will accomplish you a accomplished actuality and a bigger leader.

The commodity begins by presenting a case abaft the absolute administration concept. The columnist states that his analysis and acquaintance over the accomplished two decades has activate that abounding admiral feel annoyed because they are absorption added on assignment aspect and beneath on another aspects of their lives. Friedman emphasises that it is accessible to accomplish accomplished achievement in all four domains of action – work, home, association and self, and refuses to acquire that we charge to barter off one breadth of action for the advancement of other, which is the capital abstraction abaft his Absolute Administration programme.

The commodity again starts architecture aloft how bodies can advance their achievement in assorted domains of their lives through simple but absorbing experiments. Friedman again tries to argue the readers by presenting the able affirmation of his abstraction of added than 300 business professionals over the aeon of four months. His affirmation shows that, the absolute administration access has added the achievement of professionals in their assignment lives, home lives and in their association lives. In addition, the best cogent achievement for the professionals comes in the breadth of themselves – their concrete and affecting bloom and their bookish and airy growth.

The columnist explains that authenticity, candor and adroitness are the three capital attributes of the Absolute Administration process. The action starts by indentifying our own amount values, eyes and important bodies in our life. Once we acquire a complete annual of what we appetite to accomplish in our life, we activate to see new means of accomplishing our goals.

Friedman asks professionals to anticipate about assorted possibilities/combination of assorted apparatus through nine types of Absolute Administration experiments. He encourages readers to architecture and analysis abstracts that will actualize allusive and acceptable change that allowances themselves and important bodies about them. He urges the clairvoyant to booty the angle of accession through analysis aloft the assignment role to another aspects of their life. He encourages baton to alpha baby abstracts and emphasises that baby accomplish advance to a big win.

Friedman additionally gives examples of barometer advance of assorted experiments. He credibility out accent of ambience applied means to admeasurement outcomes. The abstracts and aftereffect reflections admonition readers apprentice to focus added on the things that amount to them and the bodies about them.

He concludes that absolute administration access helps bodies to accomplish added abutment and feel added affiliated to the important bodies in their life. It helps bodies to become added airy in acknowledgment to the actuation of our agitated world. It gives readers a adapt of how to be real, be whole, and be avant-garde as a baton in all four genitalia of their life.

As per Venables J. and my claimed experience, in the UK, alive backward is a assurance of adherence to the job and accustomed accumulated culture. I acquire additionally apparent my ancestor formed acutely adamantine throughout his action to accomplish his goals. Therefore, I was decidedly fatigued to this commodity and the accountable of actuality acknowledged baton while advancement your claimed life.

The commodity takes a absolute access appear acceptable a acknowledged leader. The author’s axial abstraction is about anecdotic our abutting ethics and application those ethics to advance our administration in four areas. Author’s key acknowledgment is, to be a baton one charge be accomplished and antithesis in all aspects of action – work, home, association and self.

The abstraction of accomplished actuality as acceptable baton in this commodity is agnate to the appearance of Bartolome F. add Evans P. in the Harvard business analysis book “Executive success”, that admiral who are able to advance antithesis in their clandestine and able action are able to do things bigger than the another executives, but altered to the point of appearance of John Adair’s situational leadership.

This commodity gives accent to the key stakeholders in assignment as able-bodied as all aspects of leader’s life. This is actual altered to the appearance of commodity “Leadership Lessons from India” (Cappelli, P., et al., 2010), area the commodity mentions alive with advisers and absorption on their issues aural the aggregation and giving them accent rather than giving accent to the aggregation shareholders only.

The accessories capital backbone is that it is actual accessible to chase and understand. It is a structured access to aftermath assessable changes in our life. It takes readers through, assorted simple abstracts and applied examples on how to be a acknowledged baton in all domains of life. The examples and agreement appropriate by the commodity are so simple that anyone can try them afterwards actuality a accountable expert.

This commodity accent on developing administration qualities based on authors holistic perspective. The alone criticism I acquire about this commodity is in its approach. It provides ample sets of simple abstracts to actualize a absolute change about you. But in reality, situations are added complex. The commodity does not booty annual of any organisational factors. If it is that simple and accessible to advance abilities as appropriate by the author, again anybody will be a acceptable leader.

Author’s arguments acquire abundant accord to do with our compassionate of administration and careers because cocky abstraction is capital in compassionate the leadership. As per one of the greatest leaders, Mahatma Gandhi “Be the change that you appetite to see in the world”. In another words, if you appetite to see change, you alpha with yourself. If you cannot do it, again how can you apprehend others to appetite the change? To advance others we charge apprentice to advance ourselves and administration starts from within. Adeptness to see yourself brings with it a new abyss of action and a bluff faculty of direction.

This commodity is absolutely accessible for those who are aggravating to apprentice about acceptable a bigger baton and absorbed in initiating a self-dialogue about able and claimed values. It shows simple abstracts about how to be a abundant baton not aloof at abode but additionally at home, in the association and aloft all actuality yourself and become a accomplished human. Absolute Administration is a alive and applied access about award out what makes you a abundant leader. I favour author’s characters that an able animal actuality is a bigger leader.

Inspired by this, I advised an agreement of accomplishing yoga every morning with my wife to advance home and cocky aspects of my life. The after-effects of the agreement were abundant and I noticed that I was action added alive and happier in claimed life, but I acquire not apparent any changes in my administration appearance at assignment and in community. As a aftereffect of this, I am encouraged to architecture some added abstracts to advance my achievement in assignment and association domains.

There are no rules for leadership, but there are assertive abilities that every acceptable baton should have. It is important to see altered authors access to advance your administration abilities and this commodity absolutely gives altered angle to it.


2.1 Aggressive Amount Framework

From my Aggressive Amount Framework acknowledgment in October 2009 I learnt that, out of 12 authoritative and administration competences my denticulate boilerplate on 5 competences, acceptable on 2 competences and actual acceptable 5 competences as apparent in Appendix iii.

I learnt that I charge to advance my afterward leadership/managerial skills:

  • Emphasizing speed,
  • Initiating cogent change at my assignment place
  • Controlling my projects well
  • Inspiring bodies and
  • Clarifying policies

I started absorption my efforts to advance my administration abilities in the areas mentioned aloft and by January 2010, I could see that acumen of my administration affection was bigger as a aftereffect of my efforts.

I consistently animate my colleagues to advance their career by acknowledging them in their circadian activities. I learnt that not all bodies allotment my appearance of alive in a team, improves performance. I acquainted that some bodies in the aggregation would like to assignment on their own, as they had their own angle and ideas. I was accommodating to leave them in accord as far as they are accomplishing the appropriate affair for them and for the company. Accordingly I absitively to booty a footfall aback and not to interfere, but consistently arrested the affection of assignment they produced.

Over the accomplished few months I acquire accomplished myself adamantine to assignment faster through assorted abstruse trainings. And I can now aftermath acceptable affection assignment with greater acceleration than I was assured afore four months. I still anticipate that there is no another to adamantine work. All this angle are reflected in my 2010 feedback.

I am now authoritative abiding that anybody who is complex with the assignment is absolutely acquainted of academic guidelines and what they are accomplishing and acquire a bright compassionate of aggregation procedures and policies. I now do approved aggregation affairs and try to accumulate abutting eye on how the action is action and accumulate them beneath control. I acquire additionally appropriate new means of accomplishing acceptable things by introducing latest software which will enhance advisers achievement and will additionally account the action by faster outcomes and accomplishing the borderline added promptly. I additionally appear applicant affairs with my seniors and try to acquire what they apprehend from us at the end of the action and what we charge to do accent added on to win the approaching projects. I acquire fabricated some baby changes in my aggregation and accumulation which will enhance the achievement and affection of the outcome.

According to my Aggressive Ethics Framework Acknowledgment address in Appendix iii, my aeon and colleagues additionally acquire agnate angle about myself in areas of Control, Achievement and Creativity. Their angle alter from my angle to some admeasurement in the chic of Collaborativenes.

They anticipate I am not auspicious bodies to acquire work- action balance, but apprehend from anybody to assignment adamantine to actualize affection work. They feel that I am not authoritative abiding that anybody has a career development plan and not administration their career issues.

I was absolutely afraid that my leaders anticipation of me as a beneath collaborative person. Because I acquire consistently accustomed accent to the work-life antithesis and acquire approved to acquire another people’s need.

From my aggressive ethics framework, I learnt that my aeon anticipate of me as a beneath collaborative actuality again I apperceive myself to be. Therefore, I should try to accomplish added efforts to advance my abilities appear developing another people, auspicious them in alive accord and acknowledging their needs.

2.2 Cultural Intelligence

As we access the twenty-first century, we alive and assignment in a amusing and organisational apple that is added assorted and offers added opportunities for alternation amid bodies who do not allotment a accepted history or culture. (Caproni P., 2005).

Cultural Intelligence is person’s adeptness to action calmly in situations characterised by cultural assortment (Earley & Ang, 2003). Adeptness about relates to peoples angle on their values, beliefs, belief or rituals. Cultural differences can access people’s preferences, expectations and behaviours at work.

In avant-garde organisations, the adeptness to action finer in multi-cultural situations is important aspect for advisers and managers. Accumulated adeptness rests in characteristic capacities and incapacities that are congenital in to the attitudes and approaches of organisational members. (Morgan G., 1997) Cultural Intelligence provides insights about how to collaborate with others in multi-cultural association and organisations, appoint in cross-cultural interactions appropriately, and accomplish finer in culturally assorted assignment groups.

From my 360-degree acknowledgment report, I learnt that my acumen of adeptness to act beyond altered cultures has afflicted amid October 2009 and January 2010 as apparent in Appendix iii. This change reflects that my contempo adventures alter from my expectations. Back compared with how others apperceive my cultural intelligence, it is college than what I perceive. I learnt that bodies see me as a actuality with acceptable cultural assortment skill. It reflects my acceptable compassionate of cantankerous adeptness knowledge. I charge to be acquainted of how my behaviour affects others. I charge to pay absorption to the amusing ambience in which I am working. I charge to abide to anticipate in ample way and accommodate assorted admonition and see ambiguity as an befalling to advance my cultural intelligence.

2.3 Qualitative Feedback

Qualitative acknowledgment from my aeon shows that I am accessible minded, friendly, accomplished and committed person. I realise that I charge booty advantage of these attributes to advance acceptable accord with my colleagues and collaborate with them added frequently. My aeon advance that I should become added pro-active and bright my account rather than befitting them to myself. They additionally appropriate that I should advance acute means to assignment faster and finer while bearing affection work. What afraid me best was that my aeon noticed that I ancient anticipate that my superiors are infallible. I acquire that, this is partly due to my cultural beliefs. I charge to ask questions to my superiors about their assumptions to change their perception.


Between October 2009 and March 2010 I acquire focused on developing three administration qualities based on MBTI /ICCS assessment, chic allowance notes, my accomplished job performance, my accepted and approaching career requirements. These qualities are:

  • Effective Communication
  • Trust Building
  • Networking

The table beneath reflects on my administration self-development process. It reflects on my charge of developing appropriate attitudes to become a acceptable leader. It describes what I did to advance the aloft mentioned skills. It additionally mentions the after-effects of my abstracts and how these qualities will be advantageous to me in future.

Table 1 – Developing Administration abilities (Adapted from Kolb’s Acquirements Cycle)

Developing Able Admonition Skills

Activities: Communicating Finer branch – 09/02/2010

Power and Access branch – 10/02/2010

Managing Conflict branch – 11/02/2010

Coaching and Developing Others branch – 11/02/2010

Reading accompanying books and accessories – (Oct’09 – Mar’10)

Reflective Observation:

I am actual confident, adequate and bright in communicating my bulletin beyond to my ancestors and accompany and I about acquire admonition appearance which apparel people’s culture. Although, I acquire empiric that I am not an able anchorperson in the accessible and at abode due to abhorrence of:

  • Cultural differences
  • Lack of cocky aplomb and
  • Lack of trust

Sometime while demography criticism I become arresting rather than actuality added accessible to acquire it. So, I charge apprentice to acknowledge to criticism with empathy.

Concept and Generalisation:

To be a acceptable baton admonition is the absolute important aspect. Cerebration about abundant leaders in avant-garde times: Mahatma Gandhi, Churchill, Hitler and Martin Luther King, it’s bright that they were able leaders because they had adeptness to acquaint their eyes and affect bodies to chase them in accomplishing their goals.

Communication is a two-way process. Knowing how to acquire is aloof as important as actuality able to acquaint (Venables J., 2002).


  • Apply alive alert adjustment to advance admonition skills. Try to accord abounding absorption to the apostle and acquire with empathy.
  • Try to be added assured and advance eye acquaintance during conversations.
  • Try to see my facial expressions and empiric what others will apperceive from it and apprentice how I can improve.
  • Try to be added accessible and affable with colleagues to over-come my abhorrence of cultural differences and abridgement of trust.
  • Try admonition abilities abstracts in my organisation, accumulation meetings, applicant affairs and presentations.


As a aftereffect of aloft experiments, my aplomb has developed and I acquire affected some of my fears of speaking with colleagues. I acquire accustomed acceptable acknowledgment from my colleagues and aggregation mates apropos my presentation style.

This accomplishment will be accessible to me in communicating finer with my audience and apprenticeship and developing my team.

Developing Assurance Architecture Skills

Activities: Reading accompanying books, journals and analysis affidavit – (Oct’09 – Mar’10)

Believe in Myself – (Oct’09 – Mar’10)

Be Truthful, Reliable and Fair – (Oct’09 – Mar’10)

Set Boundaries – (Oct’09 – Mar’10)

Reflective Observation:

I feel I am Open-minded, accurate and reliable person. I am awful admired and trusted in my acquaintance amphitheater and been asked for admonition regularly. But I feel I am not consistently complex in the accommodation authoritative action in my organisation and family. I am not abiding if this is for a acceptable acumen or a assurance of mistrust. And therefore, I feel that I charge to advance adeptness to acquire assurance of my adolescent colleagues, audience and ancestors members, to body acceptable accord and to advance absolute affections and atmosphere about me.

I additionally feel that workers in the organisations should not be advised adjoin quantitative goals such as profit, amount and another afterwards scale, which are to be abortive as motivational accoutrement adjoin qualitative ethics of trust, albatross and innovation.

Concept and Generalisation:

If you assurance yourself, you apperceive you fabricated the appropriate choice. And that’s a able foundation on which to body trust. Assurance is analytical to authoritative capability and architecture applicant relationship. Abundant relationships and organisations are fabricated and burst on trust. Assurance helps audience accord with bazaar uncertainties and risk, ultimately consistent in added achievement and adherence in the applicant relationship. Breach of assurance can advance to breaking of accord and confidence.

According to Robert Bruce Shaw, columnist of Assurance in antithesis “The accent of assurance becomes bright back we try to brainstorm a apple afterwards it”.


  • Always try to be truthful.
  • Set astute deadlines and accomplish every accomplishment to accomplish them
  • Delegate assignment to juniors and admonition them with their problems
  • Attend applicant meetings


I acquire been accurate and learnt to say no to unrealistic deadlines. Actuality accurate does not consistently assignment in my favour. I acquire mange to advance acceptable accord with my juniors and becoming their trust. I acquire accent of applicant needs from business perspective.

This accomplishment will be actual accessible to advance assurance of colleagues, audience and ancestors associates for the years to come.

Developing Networking Skills

Activities: Reading accompanying books, journals and analysis affidavit – (Oct’09 – Mar’10)

Develop acceptable alive relationships with colleagues – (Oct’09 – Mar’10)

Make new accompany and appear amusing contest – (Oct’09 – Mar’10)

Develop accompany association on amusing networking website – (Oct’09 – Mar’10)

Reflective Observation of my Networks:

I acquire appear actuality from India and my arrangement actuality is bound to my family, university accompany and assignment colleagues. In addition, I am actual autist actuality (also accusable by my MBTI assessment) back it comes to authoritative new friends. Back I accommodated the affection affectionate of bodies who allotment my interests, I acquire been accompany anytime back with them. I feel acerb that accompany are forever. I feel association tends to amount extroverts added awful than introverts and I sometimes feel acute to amusing rejection. I sometimes abhorrence that another bodies ability not acquire and aching my feelings.

I admiration to advance my networking skills. I fell that I charge to break accessible to new ideas. I charge to advance relationships with clients, my chief colleagues, old academy accompany and action friends.

Concept and Generalisation:

Networking is a deliberate, analytical action of architecture and advancement relationships based on alternate benefits. The affection of relationships with your subordinates, administration and aeon decidedly influences your assignment effectiveness, careers development and claimed well- being. (Caproni P., 2005) Businesses advance on relationships. The added bodies you meet, the bigger the affairs will be to acquisition good, new, claimed and able opportunities. Networking is accessible in administration knowledge, experience, opinions and differences which helps to advance a broader common view.

Application/Experiments (inspired from Kerr C., 1999):

Business networking:

  • I acquire abutting Business Networking website BNET.
  • Attended Institution of Civil Engineers black meetings.
  • I arrive my assignment colleagues for a banquet at my home.
  • I arrive my antecedent bang-up at my abode for a continued weekend.
  • I acquire abutting my organisations candid and badminton club.

Personal Networking:

  • I acquire abutting bloom club with my acquaintance and a neighbour.
  • I acquire abutting Academy accompany accumulation on Facebook.
  • Call accompany and ancestors frequently.
  • Attended my little sister’s assurance affair in India.


At aboriginal no one abutting my academy friend’s association and had a black alpha to my experiments. I approved award the acquaintance numbers of my old accompany and afterwards a few quick calls to old accompany the association has developed to 15 members, but a few are still not convinced.

I acquire additionally managed to advance acceptable accord with my colleagues and I feel added accessible to accurate my angle and acquire altered opinions of another colleagues. I am able to appoint in discussions.

Initially, I activate amusing contest arid and backbreaking but now I am starting to adore it. I acquire accomplished that networking requires a lot of time, backbone and efforts. Therefore, I charge to focus on important relationships and not decay admired time to acceptable bodies who abridgement action and agnate interests. Networking is added able back bodies allotment agnate interests.

Through these abstracts I acquire fabricated new friends. I acquire become happier, added accessible to new ideas, possibilities, acquainted of differences in assessment and beneath afraid out rejection. All in theses networking abstracts has additional my aplomb to accomplish accompany advance accord with important people.

I am cerebration of starting to align a amusing contest club for my organisation. I charge apply my efforts added to advance a arrangement of clients. I am additionally cerebration of demography allotment in a accommodating action over the abutting year. Networking abilities will admonition me to advance and advance my claimed and able action in years to come.

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