Personal and Professional Social Work Values

  Personal and Able Amusing Assignment Values Heterosexism is authentic as "the bigotry or ageism by heterosexuals adjoin homosexuals" ( and is predicated on the acceptance that actuality heterosexual is the barometer and the alone accustomed blazon of relationship. Everyday heterosexism is exemplified in our media, our policies, and circadian practices. By authoritative these assumptions, amusing workers can be in allotment amiss for the abuse and marginalization accomplished by the LGBTQ community. As a profession, amusing assignment embraces assortment and strives to ensure according rights for all. The National Association of Amusing Workers (NASW) is committed to acknowledging the needs of these groups and, in turn, they created the National Committee on Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Issues. During this week's altercation you will be asked to accede how one's own claimed angle on animal acclimatization may affray with the profession's stance. By Day 3 Post a book of how a amusing worker's personal, ethical, and moral belief in affiliation to the LGBTQ association ability battle with those of their clients. Explain the acumen amid claimed belief and belief and able belief and belief axiomatic in the amusing assignment profession in acclamation this community. Be specific and explain how this acumen relates to the book you posted. Also explain how ageism and bent ability actualize barriers to accomplishing your able albatross to the LGBTQ community.

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