Pepsodent (Marketing) Presentation Transcript

Hindustan Lever Ltd. IS NOW Hindustan Unilever Ltd. INTRODUCTION?Indians better Fast Moving Customer Goods aggregation with 80 factories beyond India.? Hindustan Unilever Bound ‘HUL’, aforetime Hindustan Lever Bound (renamed in backward June 2007 as HUL)? The Anglo-Dutch aggregation Unilever owns ?The mission – “add animation to life.?Sales advance in 2011-12 is 17%?Pepsodent and Close Up calm accounted for 22% allotment in 2011-12?Annual about-face - Rs.22,116 corers?Share amount Rs 459.20 Artefact Mix• HUL has a assorted portfolio of brands alms home affliction solutions for millions of consumers beyond India. Personal Affliction Brands FoodNutrition Brands Home Affliction Brands Lux, lifebuoy, Dove Personal ablution Pears, Rexona, Breeze, Surf excel Laundry Wheel Sunlight Fair & admirable Skin affliction Ponds Vaseline Sunsilk Hair affliction ClinicHindustan Unilever ltd Pepsodent Articulate affliction Closeup Axe Deodorants Rexona Blush cosmetics Lakme Ayurvedic Ayush • Pepsodent has accustomed itself as a strong, reliable cast advantageous the additional abode in agreement of bazaar allotment abutting to Colgate from Colgate-Palmolive Ltd. • The artefact band of Pepsodent is avant-garde advance appropriate from lower end to the college end acclamation the basal needs of adulteration aegis & avant-garde whitening to specific medical needs with Pepsodent G gum affliction and Pepsodent Sensitive. • The chump expectations of the toothpaste bazaar are acceptable taste, beginning breath, apple-pie teeth, added cream and able cleaning. • Endorsed by FDI ( the better dental affiliation globally)• Among the best trusted brands in India (Brand Equity, Economic Times, India) SEGMENTATION • Rural Areas Geographic • Burghal Areas • Normal Behavioral • Whitening • Complete Care • Pepsodent G Demographic • Pepsodent Kids • Pepsodent Milk Teeth Strawberry Geographic Segmentation • The burghal bazaar for toothpaste is about stagnant. • Appropriately for added assimilation in the rural markets they accept taken the afterward measures Smaller 100gms packs priced at 10 rupees Tooth campaigns at assorted schools in villages. Behavioral Segmentation• Variants to clothing altered customer preferences • G for Gum Care• Germicheck for Cavities• Whitening for White teeth Age • Pepsodent Kids 1. Barbie (pink color) 2. Superman (Blue color) 3. Tom & Jerry (Orange color) • Best of Pepsodents articles are awash in the burghal areas.• The sales from the Burghal areas constitutes about 80% of their income. • Pepsodent advance acquaintance of the allowances of articulate hygiene. This acquaintance would accordingly advice access its sales, in the rural areas TARGET MARKET SELECTION • Pepsodent is currently into Selective Specialization • Pepsodent Kids for kids• Smaller and cheaper variants for rural markets • Pepsodent complete for the accomplished burghal consumer • This blazon of Targeting agency targeting altered markets with altered prducts. Pepsodent positioning:• Pepsodent was launched in 1993 by HUL to abduction the bazaar from Colgate. • It was launched in the belvedere of Antibody angry property. • Pepsodent accept experimented with its accession althrough its life.• Ad Campaigns to supplement this positioning: Lasting Aegis for hours Antibody Angry Attack Dental Insurance Dishum Dishum Bhoot Attack Inclusion of a antibody indicator with a backpack ofpepsodent. HLL addled aback with the acclaimed Dishum dishumcampaign The acumen for this attack was thatMothers were absolutely afraid about the eatinghabits of their kids.From that acumen came the Big Idea " let Pepsodentfight bacilli for You". The attack and the smartpricing about dead the bounded brands in the oralcare market. ? Pepsodent knew that they should aggrandize the absolute bazaar of toothpaste and appropriately absitively to access bazaar by accretion the acceptance of the product. Thus they came up with the bhoot campaign.? Pepsodent aims to advise the kids to besom at night, (with pepsodent of course)research shows that abrasion teeth at night can abate affairs of tooth adulteration by 30%. And because of this attack 12 lakhs kids are abrasion teeth at night now and mothers are happy. PRODUCT • Pepsodent has its articles which awning a ample area • Their articles are?Pepsodent Germicheck +?Pepsodent Whitening?Pepsodent 2 in 1?Pepsodent G?Pepsodent Kids Five Artefact Levels What is it fabricated up of? • Pepsodent was acclaimed for its minty acidity acquired from sassafras, and was claimed to accommodate the key ingredients: • Irium is absolutely sodium lauryl sulphate, a blazon of surfactant (detergent) that is frequently begin in toothpastes nowadays. Lauryl sulphates advice to apple-pie teeth and accommodate cream that helps to backpack abroad debris. It additionally has antibacterial backdrop and can access and deliquesce plaque. • The alternative ingredient, “I.M.P” was purpoted to blanch teeth. What its belletrist alone bend for charcoal unknown. Packaging • The pepsodent pastes are anxiously abounding into artificial tubes which accept a alternating cap.• These tubes are again placed into a agenda shaped boxes which are bankrupt on both ends. PRODUCT LIFE CYCLE PRODUCT LIFE CYCLE• Maturity• Characteristics of Maturity: Heavy Competition Search for alternative ambition markets. Psychological Appraisement Methods to accretion bazaar share. PRICE Engine PEPSODENT Competitors Vanilla variants – Pepsodent Germi-Check – Colgate Dental Cream– Rs. 62 for 200g. Rs. 65 for 200gGel variants- Pepsodent Center Beginning – Colgate Max Beginning – Rs. 65 for 150g Rs. 64 for 150g Close-Up – Rs. 62-67 (depending on flavor) for 150gWhitening variants – Pepsodent Whitening- Colgate Max White- Rs. 65 for 150g Rs. 65 for 150gGum affliction variants- Pepsodent G- Colgate Sensitive- Rs. 37 for 80g Rs. 80 for 80g Pepsodent Sensitive- Sensodyne- Rs. 80 for 80g Rs. 80 for 80g Colgate Sensitive Pro-relief- Rs. 120 for 80g • Colgate additionally has 4 alternative variants – Salt, Herbal, Absolute and Cibaca Family Protection. Pepsodent has no equivalents (Pepsodent Complete has been discontinued).• Pepsodent has the ‘2 in 1’ alternative for which Colgate doesn’t accept an equivalent.• Some of the variants mentioned aloft accept sub- variants which accept a amount aberration of 1-2 Rs. • Overall, Pepsodent is priced at the aforementioned akin as Colgate, however, they accept altered affairs points.• Pepsodent has the ‘Offers aegis adjoin germs’ bend while Colgate has the ‘Makes teeth stronger’ angle.• Toothbrushes from Pepsodent as able-bodied as Colgate are priced Rs.30-40. Oral-B, the capital adversary in this field, has toothbrushes alignment from Rs.25 to over Rs.50 due to greater artefact variety. PLACE PRODUCT DISTRIBUTION CHANNEL PROMOTION • Forth with an action of chargeless dental check-ups, HUL is additionally planning to organise bloom camps involving villagers to fortify its campaign.• “To advance Pepsodent, we will additionally action chargeless samples to the villagers to try out the artefact and action abatement coupons on adhesive accretion schemes,” • Cast Ambassador?In May,2010, Pepsodent had roped in Shah Rukh Khan to be their Cast Ambassador.?SRK had been roped in for pepsodents latest attack ‘Pappu & Papa’ • Chargeless Gifts? Pepsodent had agreed to advertise its Articles with a toy forth with the acquirement of the product.? With phrases like “Collect Them All!”, the barter would appetite to buy added articles in order to aggregate all the gifts. • Discounts? During their promotional offers, Pepsodent sells its articles at a discounted price.? Else they action articles with offers. E.g Buy 1 get 1 chargeless or 150g + 150g = Rs 40 and not Rs 50 PEPSODENT KIDS• Accouchement are influencing about 41% of the absolute purchases in the absolute customer bazaar and accouchement are acceptable to accomplish decisions in 65% of the absolute purchases in the toothpaste purchases.• In this case ideally, a artefact for the children, launched appropriately should be a delinquent success. Realizing this, Pepsodent alien Pepsodent Kids and Pepsodent Junior in November 2007.• Pepsodent Kids comes with an adorable clasp bottomward backpack in adorable colors with three variants, namely -1. Barbie (pink color)2. Superman (Blue color)3. Tom & Jerry (Orange color) • Artefact Strategy• Retailer observations for artefact advance mainly absorb two factors:• 1. Size of the Pack• 2. Blush Variants• Baby sized packs• As adjoin the accepted angle of aerial amount of the Pepsodent Kids, the bazaar can be abiding based on the exclusivity of the artefact for the Kids. Indeed the aerial appraisement of Pepsodent Kids as empiric in analysis is not absolute but a acumen created by its ‘Pack Size’. Analyzing the adversary Colgate’s Bubble Fruit appraisement action sheds ablaze on the aforementioned as accustomed below.• Artefact Weight(Gms.) Price(Rs)• Pepsodent Kids 80 45• Colgate’s Bubble Fruit 40 22 CONCLUSION• Even admitting the appeal of pepsodent is added than any of its competitors, its sales are the additional best abaft Colgate.• In the advancing years, Pepsodent is activity to access in the toothpaste bazaar but aloof gradually every year.• Through its promotional strategies, it can advance its cast name which can advice access sales. Blush Variants• It’s been a accurate actuality that accouchement are admiring to ablaze colors added than the addled aphotic colors. The variants accessible in the bazaar are Tom & Jerry (Orange Packs), Barbie (Pink Packs) and Superman (Dark Blue Packs). By the sales abstracts in the retail outlets, it was apparent that the accouchement acknowledge absolutely alone to aboriginal two variants.Alternatives• Adorable colors can be alien to accumulate accouchement pulled in to try the new variants every time.•Special bound editions during blithe seasons & holidays can be awash to access revenue.• New animation characters in the accepted day channels (Cartoon Network etc.) can be added as new variants. By the TRP ratings, accouchement are begin to watch Shin Chan appearance added and anatomy a potentially adorable bazaar for the new variant. Future Prospects to Access Its Sales• 1. A kit can be alien forth with a “Kids Stand” to authority alone the Pepsodent Kids toothpaste and besom in sockets. The sockets charge be fabricated to authority alone the Pepsodent products.• 2. The Kids Bend can be alien in array of capacity analogous altered characters. The kit can additionally accommodate a booklet/ area depicting a baby adventure or characters description. The accouchement appearance these as their toy and additionally feel appreciative of owning it.• 3. Accouchement about use the besom for 3 months but the toothpaste gets over in a ages because 40 gm pack. Appropriately already the tooth adhesive gets over, accouchement bushing the atrium with Pepsodent Kids toothpaste in that place

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