A Port scanning and archive are one of the key accomplish of ethical hacking. Do you anticipate ethical hacking can be about justified from a Christian worldview? How would you explain ethical hacking from a Christian worldview?  B Given the afterward scenario, altercate in abyss the accident appraisal strategies and apparatus that you would arrange in adjustment to ensure that defended defenses and acquiescence attributes are anchored into the amount of your arrangement and advice aegis deployment. Business aggregation X has a charge to accumulate their accordance methods of business strategies safe from alternative companies who may use their advice to accretion a aggressive advantage. The aggregation is allotment billow accumulator as their safe anchorage for advice and has absitively not to abundance any of their abstracts locally. For acceleration purposes, the aggregation has additionally called to not use two-factor affidavit and has called basal countersign aegis affidavit instead, acceptance those with a charge to apperceive to admission the advice application a simple password. This was allowable by the CTO of the aggregation in adjustment to accomplish things accessible for the staff, who apperceive actual little about computer security, and accuse about things demography too abounding accomplish to access. Altercate and call how you would handle this situation, and conceivably accomplish agenda of any recommended changes you would accomplish as you arrange your accident appraisal action to advice the CTO accept the after-effects and/or rewards for the decisions fabricated appropriately far.

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