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Response Guidelines: What credibility do you accede or disagree with in your peers' assessments of the issues? What about their proposed resolutions? What alternative access do you see amid their approaching career visions and the ethical principles, standards, and codes of conduct you reviewed? Be abiding to accommodate absolute responses to advice your aeon body on their learning. Reference any accordant assigned readings, added resources, or able abstract to abutment your response. (peer post) The case abstraction I chose is:  A 23-year-old man, Mr. L., has been in psychotherapy with a psychologist, Dr. T. During the advance of treatment, Mr. L. has declared his acrimony at his above girlfriend, Ms. S., an undergraduate apprentice at a bounded university. As analysis has continued, Mr. L.’s acrimony with Ms. S. has become added intense. During the best contempo session, Mr. L. declared he was activity to annihilate Ms. S. and larboard the office. What are the ethical issues involved? In this specific case, the above ethical bind that I begin accordant is the banned to acquaintance actuality challenged with commendations to Mr. L advertence that he is activity to annihilate Ms. S. According to the Canadian Cipher of Belief for Psychologists (2017), abreast accord is a binding action back alpha a therapist-patient relationship.  Furthermore, abreast accord can be in the anatomy of articulate or accounting language, but charge be appropriately documented.  Abreast accord describes the attributes of therapy, fees, third parties, and banned to confidentiality.  Confidentiality, in Canada, respects the aloofness of the applicant and therapist.  For instance, in the Canadian Cipher of Belief for Psychologists (2017), acquaintance agency to assure advice about colleagues, aggregation members, alternative collaborators, primary clients, analysis participants, and added apropos what one deems confidential.  Also, acquaintance clarifies what measures will be taken to assure privacy, as able-bodied as the responsibilities of accumulation associates in attention such information.  Acquaintance allows for administration advice alone with others who are anon bare for the purpose of administration (e.g., supervisor) and describes the banned to confidentiality.  The banned of acquaintance in Canada include: advertisement actual and approaching abuse or crisis to a minor/child, advertisement actual or approaching abuse or crisis to seniors or bodies who are abased on others, such as non-verbal, and advertisement actual or approaching abuse or crisis to oneself or others.  With that actuality said, in this case, Mr. L has now appear actual or approaching crisis appear Ms. S.  Therefore, Dr. T has the obligation to address this to the authorities.  This is accessible through the accent that Mr. L uses such as “… I am activity to kill…”  Mr. L does not say “I accept had thoughts, or I had dreams about killing Ms. S.”  If Mr. L did acknowledge accent such as thoughts or dreams, again Dr. T could analyze that added with aerial ecology afore reporting.  If I was Dr. T in this situation, absolute would be beggarly advertisement this to the authorities.  It does not call the calligraphy that Dr. T would accept acclimated at the alpha of this ameliorative relationship, but Dr. T had the obligation to explain abreast consent, confidentiality, and banned to confidentiality.  As an addictions advisor now, I am captivated to a aerial able accepted ensuring that these arcane standards are met.  I conduct accumulation analysis and on the aboriginal day of accumulation we action and altercate acquaintance at length.  In this discussion, I call and explain the techniques that will be acclimated and why, such as CBT, I explain that the affairs is voluntary, I explain the accent of abuttals setting, and I explain the accounting documentation.  To altercate the banned of confidentiality, I ask the accumulation associates what they anticipate confidentially beggarly and if they can anticipate of affidavit why I would accept to breach it.   This specific case abstraction absorbed me because it is actual real.  All of them were absolute of advance and dilemmas that could occur, but this one is that accomplished blah line.  Also, the added I study, read, or altercate banned to confidentiality, maybe the added able I am for back or if this happens to me.  References Canadian Analyst Association. (2017). Canadian cipher of belief for psychologist. Retrieved from

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