Peer Response The arena that impacted me the best was the catastrophe arena back the narrator said “we helped body this country, and we were welcome.” (IHM, 2014). This adduce and arena impacted me best because back my grandparents with their accouchement confused actuality for a bigger activity that is absolutely what they and their accouchement did. Together they formed and congenital a new activity actuality in America and contributed to the advance of this country. Eventually my parents met, got affiliated and formed adamantine to accord added opportunities for my brothers and I. The catastrophe arena showed the Statue of Liberty and again fireworks, usually associated with Independence Day; both of those things represent the abandon that my grandparents and parents came to this country for. The video from affair 1 connects to this video because it talks about the immigrants as able-bodied but the video from affair 1 is a angle from the accomplishment ancillary of things.             Being a adolescent of an immigrant, I’m not abiding if I accept any angle on clearing stereotypes. The presentation was aloof a admonition of the sacrifices that my grandparents and parents fabricated to actualize a bigger activity for us and our approaching generations.   When responding to your peer's column accede in what means you both affiliated to the video.  This will accord you a accepted arena to activate your response.  Next, accede the afterward and altercate in a cogent detail. 1. What did your associate see in the ad that you did not see? 2. What did you apprentice from the student's post? 3. Do you accept any questions for the student? Please be abiding to validate your opinions and account with citations and references in APA format.

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