Pediatric – Week 4 Discussion

Week 4 Discussion For this assignment, you will analysis the latest evidence-based guidelines in the links provided below. Please accomplish abiding you are application bookish references and they should not be earlier than 5 years. The posts/references charge be in APA format.   Apply the advice from the Aquifer case abstraction to acknowledgment the afterward questions: 1- Do you acclaim a bound or an complex use of antibiotics in analysis of these disease(s) and alternative bottomless bacterial illnesses and why? What are the standards apropos the use of antibiotics in pediatric population, and what appraisal allegation would accreditation prescribing an antibacterial for asthma symptoms. 2- Application civic guidelines and evidence-based literature, advance an Asthma Action Plan for this patient. 3- Do the etiology, diagnosis, and administration of a adolescent who is asthmatic alter according to the child’s age? Why or why not? Which cold of the analytic allegation will adviser your diagnosis? Why? When is a chest x-ray adumbrated in this case, in accurate and pediatric population, in general?

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