Payroll Audit

  Work through the instructions on the Audit Program area of the instructions using the files adumbrated and book (print screen) the letters for anniversary allotment as adumbrated from the software. Save these images to bury into your final report. Embed these printouts into your address beneath the adapted section.  Beneath anniversary address you are activity to assay your allegation such as there were x cardinal of annal begin and x cardinal of exceptions, etc. Write a account of 4-5 questions you would ask apropos your allegation as allotment of your artifice investigation Identify who you would interview, what questions you would ask which person, in what adjustment you would account the bodies you selected (job titles are accomplished like the amount clerk, CFO, etc) and why you alleged those bodies in that order.  For the aftermost area of the address you will brainstorm on what you apprehend to acquisition as a aftereffect of your assay analysis and interviews.  Do you anticipate the issues you begin are accompanying to fraud, errors, and/or poor centralized controls? WRITING REQUIREMENTS:     Submit a 2-3 folio address application the arrangement alleged Amount Artifice Audit Arrangement (above).  The 2-3 pages does not accommodate references, abstract,cover folio or exhibits.     Proper APA format     Minimum of 1 bookish antecedent from the library

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