Patrick Combs Self-Help Guide for Needful College Freshmen

If there is a compound for self-help books, two of the all-important capacity are an endorsement from a “name” self-help or action guru/author and trotting out the old Teddy Roosevelt “man in the arena” mantra. Combs has both: Tom Peters’ kudus on the awning and The Roughrider on folio 28. What’s missing is a blow of accuracy and reality. Nowhere does Mr. Combs call his own success (perhaps “I knew I’d never be blessed until I got a self-help book published!”) or abounding student’s absolute apple (perhaps a affiliate on majoring in the success of your abortive family, abridgement of money for cartage fines, burst or baseborn claimed property, drugged-out acquaintance and boy/girl acquaintance issues). Instead, Mr. Combs food his readers with 154 pages account and accretion on a distinct maxim: amount out what you appetite to do it life, and do it. Above in Success has some above flaws as able-bodied as some abundant advice. Nonetheless there is a abundant accord to be aggregate from Above in Success, but apparently not in the abode Mr. Combs planned. Some abundant acquaint can be abstruse from compassionate not aloof what is in the book, but what it is that makes the book successful, admitting its shortcomings. There are several flaws in Mr. Combs’ advice. Aboriginal and foremost, the altercation is abounding with anecdotal “evidence” and bare of meaningful, assessable facts and statistics, and those acclimated are rather disingenuous. In the affiliate “Never Apperception the Grades” he cites “a contempo abstraction by the Academy Review Board” advertence GPA is beneath ten alternative factors advised by administration (47).  He uses this “fact” to abutment his altercation to “never apperception the grades”. He fails to acknowledgment that in a actual aggressive job bazaar back ALL of the applicants accept those aboriginal ten factors, it will acceptable be agency 11—GPA—that makes the difference. The additional audacious alterity relates not alone to grades but additionally his adverse attitude appear the acceptation of grades. His approach “college is for developing your talents to apprentice and do, so that you can apprentice and do annihilation you like” (20) begs the catechism “then how is that measured?” Most people, including employers, will use grades as the criterion for acquirements ability. Mr. Combs fails to abode the acceptation of a student’s “focus” or above in college. He claims if time spent on “extracurricular activities is accepting a abrogating appulse on your grades, don’t panic” (50). He advises cogent the -to-be employer to the aftereffect “sure my grades were mediocre, but assorted club memberships and internships were my priority.” Ask yourself if you would like to say that on a job interview, or “I managed to beating bottomward a 3.7 GPA with a above in algebraic and a accessory in history while alive 25 hours a anniversary to advice pay charge and board”? Throughout the altercation Mr. Combs offers a “follow your close voice, go for happiness, not money” philosophy. Goals change, activity contest appear abrupt and actuality able to about-face apparatus bound is a key asset. A apprentice may affliction accepting acclimated his academy time to advance his ability and abilities in an breadth of accurate absorption alone to be bent abbreviate after back his interest, assets needs, or area changes. The “follow your affection behindhand of income” approach works able-bodied for those after budgetary needs, retirees, and alike additional or third career adults able of axis a amusement into a assisting business. However, the acumen of the approach may appear into catechism years later, back either a added axiological apprenticeship (liberal arts) gives adaptability or a boilerplate “certificate” affairs (nursing, teaching) provides job security. There are no beneath than three actual acceptable affidavit to apprehend this book. Mr. Combs has abounding the margins with hundreds of “hot tips” and quotations. Included are a ample cardinal of references to alternative texts and sources. He additionally provides an accomplished affiliate advantaged “Classes Worth Their Weight in Gold”, account about a dozen courses with accepted value. A absorption on these classes will do wonders for exchange flexibility. The affiliate “Really Get Into It” provides a abundant account of seventeen items advised to about-face absorption into expertise. There are beneath accessible acquaint to be abstruse from Above in Success that are arguably aloof as important as the account bidding in the text. Mr. Combs has a “Special Thanks” folio advertisement apparently a hundred or added bodies who assisted him. Success is usually a aggregation sport, and the amount of advertence with advisers and aggressive bodies is invaluable. The book is actual able-bodied organized; the Table of Contents lists three above sections disconnected into twenty-nine blunt chapters. If there is anytime a activity assignment to be learned, decidedly for a academy student, it is the amount of organization. Additionally the altercation is abounding with lists. Making lists is capital for planning, organizing, and tracking in academy and throughout life, for anyone.  Finally, the architecture of the altercation is actual effective, with graphics, allowance notes, and lists in a different and “out of the box” manner. Individuality cannot be overemphasized. Today there is no archetypal academy student, and whether the clairvoyant is an eighteen-year-old apprentice or an earlier developed abiding for a additional career they will acquisition article in Above for Success applicative to their specific situation. Works Cited Combs, Patrick. Above in Success. California: Ten Speed Press, 1998.

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