MINE IS RELATES TO PATIENT SAFETY IN MILITARY HEALTHCARE. DEVELOP A P QUESTION RELATED TO PICOT!!!!!!   i currently assignment for a aggressive bloom dispensary which is small.    Conduct and certificate a abstract chase to alarmingly review, analyze, and amalgamate affirmation substantiating three bloom affliction or accessible bloom challenges faced by your -to-be practicum armpit and the populations it serves, or  organizations with agnate characteristics and populations served. Support your descriptions of the scope, magnitude, and appulse of anniversary claiming with accordant and appropriate evidence.    Describe      your -to-be practicum armpit or agnate alignment and the      populations it serves. Describe       the blazon of alignment and the affectionate of bloom affliction or accessible bloom       services it provides. Describe the       populations the alignment serves. Summarize       the organization's mission and goals, and analyze key stakeholders. Substantiate      three challenges that your -to-be practicum armpit or agnate      organization and its applicant populations currently face. Describe       each challenge. Cite       evidence from the abstract that establishes the actuality and       significance of anniversary challenge. Summarize      the ambit and consequence of the authoritative challenges. Describe       the extent, severity, and admeasurement of the problems accompanying to anniversary challenge. Describe       current about appear statistics, metrics, or both, assuming       the consequence of anniversary challenge, compared to benchmarks. Substantiate      the abrogating appulse of the challenges on your -to-be practicum armpit      or agnate alignment and its applicant populations. Outline       the abrogating appulse of anniversary challenge, including how anniversary affects affection       of care, operations, and alternative aspects of the organization. Describe       the abrogating appulse of anniversary claiming on the industry, applicant       populations, and organization. Support      main points, assertions, arguments, conclusions, or recommendations with      relevant and aboveboard evidence. Assess       the appliance and believability of advice sources. Use      paraphrasing and summarization to represent account from alien sources.

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